Opossum At Home

What To Do If You Find An Opossum At Home?


The opossum is one among the best-known marsupials within the world. within the American continent alone, there are almost 100 different species of this mammal. Its physical resemblance to rats generates aversion in some people. However, this friendly animal doesn’t represent any risk as rodents could.

Opossums are highly docile creatures. Although they’ll growl, hiss or show their sharp teeth, they’re not considered aggressive animals. However, in some countries, they’re considered pests, because it is common for them to approach homes attracted by food scraps in garbage or compost piles. it’s also common for them to dig in gardens in search of larvae and insects.

This marsupial behavior is unpredictable and, although it’s harmless, it’s going to show nervous and hyperactive disorders. In some cases, if not kept within the right conditions, they will become aggressive.

If you discover an opossum in your home, the primary thing you’ll fear is that it’s a dangerous animal. it’s 50 very sharp teeth and powerful nails capable of tearing the foremost demanding skins.

However, it’s worth noting that an opossum will avoid confrontation with a person’s being by going into thanatosis, playing dead, thanks to our size since we’ll be an imposing predator. This reflex action can last from a couple of minutes to an hour.

When these animals feel threatened or are in peril , they use thanatosis as a survival method, an involuntary physiological response almost like a fainting spell that mimics a wounded or dead animal’s appearance and smell. However, during thanatosis, the brain remains conscious.

Being an omnivorous species, this marsupial doesn’t waste the food it finds in its path. Its diet includes leaves, flowers, fruits, insects, and even some small mammals, reptiles, and birds. Besides having been displaced from their natural habitat to the sides of towns and cities, opossums also ingest garbage and other animals’ remains. They possess very sharp teeth and a jaw of extraordinary strength that permits them to garbage down their prey voraciously.

As mentioned above, opossums are capable of transmitting diseases to humans, but also our livestock . they will carry ticks, lice, mites, and fleas. In turn, these parasites are often carriers of other pathologies.

These mammals reach sexual maturity at ten months aged . During the mating season, the feminine gives off a scent unpleasant to humans, indicating the male the simplest time for copy .

As mentioned above, it’s common to seek out orphaned opossum young. If you encounter a litter or one individual of this species, there are some important considerations to require under consideration .

It is knowing contact your local wildlife services or search “possum removal near me” on the web to possess them lookout of the young. they need specialized personnel for this sort of eventuality and skills to reply to things with the speed and responsibility it deserves.

Do not await the matter to urge worse and multiply; search for “possum removal near me.” Once all the possums are faraway from your house, you’ll need to make it much less attractive to them; this suggests changing your cleaning habits, search for garbage cans that close hermetically therefore the smell doesn’t attract them again, cover the holes which will be in fences and walls. you’ll need to use repellents; the granular ones don’t have such an unpleasant smell because the liquid ones.

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