Best House Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Best House Cleaning and Organizing Tips


If you are thinking of decluttering and cleaning your house from scratch, then following are some house cleaning and organizing tips that one should not miss. These tips are easy and by following them, you will enjoy the whole cleaning and organizing experience of your house.

  1. Best Time To Iron Clothes Is When They Are Slightly Damp

Yes, it is a fact as wrinkles in the clothes are released quickly with the help of existing moisture in clothes. So just iron your clothes after they are brought out of the dryer (or you can also use the spray feature on your iron).

  1. Organize Your Makeup With the Help of Magnets

You can easily use this simple and easy tip. In this way, all your makeup products will be organized, and your bathroom vanity will be cleared off for good. Once you have cleared off that whole space, you can decorate it as you like. Check out some quick home organization tips from the experts.

  1. Check Your Dryer Hoses

Regularly, check your dryer hoses for the hair. This is something really serious, and if precautionary measures are not taken, then it can turn out to be dangerous. If they get too clogged in the dryer hoses, there is a high chance that your house may set on fire.

  1. Shower Caddies

Shower caddies can also be placed under the sinks of your bathrooms. They are great for organizing shampoo and facewashes in the shower.They also help you out in storing stash and unopened bottles as well.

  1. Paint Storage

You might have unused buckets of paints at your house. But be very careful with their storage. You should never store your paints in the garage. Due to the high temperature in summers and low temperatures in winter and there are high chances that your paint won’t last at all.

  1. Use Freezer Space Efficiently

You should use freezer space smartly with the help of binder clips. Just like you use the wire racks to clip and secure bags underneath it, in the same way, you can use freezer spaces to store frozen food piles. You do not need an expert to do such an easy thing.

  1. Dish Soap

Dish soap is available in every household. The same dish soap can be used to get rid of fruit flies. How can dish soap help you out? All you need is a bowl of vinegar and add three drops of dish soap in it. The flies will attract towards this solution and will ultimately sink at the bottom. Isn’t it an exciting way to get rid of fruit flies?

  1. Baking Soda

If you don’t have baking soda at home, then do stock it at home. At many places, it will be handy for you. Baking soda can clean almost everything. If you haven’t stocked it up yet then do it quickly. It can remove stain from plastic container, can refresh the foul smelling fridge, can deep clean extra greasy dishes, and much more.

  1. Space Next to Fridge

It is another wise way of organizing things. Space next to your fridge can let you store a lot of items. You can use a slim sliding door for this purpose. (You can also make this sliding door by yourself). This sliding door will let you store a whole pantry and that too in a much little space.

  1. Dish Washer

Do you have a dishwasher at home? If the answer is yes, then you should know that your dishwasher can clean way more things than just dishes. You can clean your toys, light fixture glass globes, hairbrushes and a few other items.

  1. Kitchen Sponge

A kitchen sponge can benefit you as it can de-pill your sweaters. You all have to do is run a gentle, scrubby and textured one across your garment very gently. You will be amazed by its wonder.

  1. Window Cleaning

It is advised that you should not clean your windows on a sunny day. The reason is that the cleaner that you are using might dry off very quickly and will leave streaks on your windows. Instead of a common cleaner, you should go for an all-purpose cleaner which is manufactured only for windows variety.

  1. Lint Roller

When talking about cleaning a lint roller can turn out to be a fantastic cleaning tool. You can use lint rollers on your speakers, lampshades and gives a fast swipe to your purses. But do not forget that this lightweight lint roller can be wonderful to be used on the clothes too.

  1. Magazine Files

You will be amazed to hear that magazines files can serve for other purposes as well. What other purposed can a magazine file be used? You can use this very office staple for holding can in the pantry, plastic wraps and hair tools.

  1. Doormats

Doormats are mostly placed at the entrance of your house. You should place two doormats at your entrance. Reason? It increases the chances of trapping the dirt. Just place one outside and one inside to create double chances to trapping dirt.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is present in almost every house. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent and adding scent to it makes it a pleasant cleaner. You can always experiment with things. Try citrus or herb which can make it even more useful for cleaning floor stains, etc. Check out some interesting eco-friendly tips.

  1. Rubber Glove

A rubber glove can help you out in cleaning away your pet hair. They can grab fuzz more quickly when they are wet. You can even hire cleaning services to make things easy for you.

We hope this article will help you understand the basic house cleaning and organizing tips. If you’ll follow these tips, then surely you can save a lot of time, efforts, and efficiently perform all tasks. Do let us know if you’ve something more interesting to share with us.

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