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Should You Buy A Mobile Home?


Rising rental prices and even the return to the countryside make us turn our eyes once again to the purchase of a home.

Mobile homes, in the first place, come finished from the factory, ready for installation. Their assembly does not usually take more than a day, and they come fully equipped and prepared to enjoy them.

Mobile homes can be transportable at all times, so they have a fixed chassis, a tiller, and wheels. According to their manufacturing and installation criteria, they do not need to be fastened or anchored to the ground, nor do they require foundations or civil works. Therefore, they do not require any results for their installation, being considered movable property.

Mobile homes are identified with a chassis number and a plate number, which is usually reflected in the house’s documentation and on a plate located next to the entrance door.

They are a 100% mobile element, which is transported without the need to disassemble it beforehand, and it is not necessary to fix it to the ground by any means. Therefore, you do not have to do any work to install it.

The question of where and the mobile home parts and supplies so that this type of housing can be installed is an issue that has caused friction between the owners, the companies in charge of its commercialization, and the counties about the necessary permits for its installation in a particular land as long as it does not qualify as protected.

While the marketing companies argue that this type of housing is considered as a movable property according to European legislation and that it is not necessary to acquire any permit for its installation, the position of some states where they consider that this type of housing requires the same procedure as a standard construction to be installed on a plot of land and that they need a project and a license for demand for the provision of services, it is advisable to consult the City Council of the place where your home will be located, in case there is any additional requirement.

In the mobile home, given its mobility, the addition of upper floors is not recommended since it would lose, in part, the ability to be transported easily.

However, with the right mobile home parts and supplies, it is possible to join several mobile homes to achieve a home with more space. Thus, it is possible to create “double” or “twin” homes, or even larger ones, which allows a total personalization of our home.

Mobile homes are easy to sell if you decide to change or renovate your home. Besides, thanks to its built-in rolling elements, you can transport it if you have to change the city, which gives you maximum freedom of action. This type of housing has countless qualities, such as maintaining a competitive price and not being considered real estate, which provides legal benefits over conventional housing that are not mobile.

Despite this, they are not short-lived housing because they can easily last 15 or 25 years depending on the quality of materials and maintenance performed and purchased through a personal loan, as can be done with a caravan or motorhome.

A mobile home’s main advantages are its reduced price compared to a traditional home or many other prefabricated houses. The possibility of being moved to different locations thanks to its wheeled chassis and easy and quick installation. They also benefit from a high residual value and numerous legal advantages because they are not real estate (taxes).

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