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What Are Led Light Bulbs?


LED light bulbs are the solid-state lightings that are fixed in standard connections but they produce light by using light-emitting diodes (LED). LED light bulbs are more environment friendly as compared to incandescent bulbs. A semi-conductor is used by the LED light bulbs that emit light when current is passed through them.

History of the Led Bulbs

In February 1969, Hewlett-Packard made the first LED device that came into use. It was the very intelligent display of LED and from there began the revolution of LED. Before LED light bulbs, three types of lamps were in use:

  1. Incandescent lamps
  2. Fluorescent lamps
  3. Metal halide lamps

With the successful invention of LED lamps, things became easier and it became more efficient to use LED bulbs rather than the other three.

Working of the LED bulbs

LED light bulbs use semi-conductors to conduct light. As the electron is passed through them, they emit light. As compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are considered to be the most efficient, energy-saving, and environment-friendly devices. LEDs are heat sensitive so it is important to heat to go away for preventing the damage of semi-conductors.


Automotive headlamps

LEDs are also used in Traffic lights.

They are also used in the flash of the camera of our mobiles.

We use LED for our General lighting like lighting in our homes.

LED plays an important role in medical devices as well.

They are also used Lighted wallpapers.


Size and efficiency: LED bulbs are more size comforted and efficient as compared to other bulbs.

Long life: The life of a powerful LED is estimated to be 35000 to 50000 hours as compared to fluorescent or CFL bulbs.

Lower temperatures: Unlike conventional bulbs, LED bulbs remain cool prevents them from breakage. They don’t waste their energy as heat.

Physically small: They are comparatively small in size and doesn’t acquire much space in homes.

Design flexibility: They have tremendous design flexibility and are present in many designs as compared to others.


The specialty lies in the fact that they are much efficient and comforted as compared to other lights. They are so much in use nowadays in every home, even on roads that people have forgotten about the conventional lamps. They are size efficient and doesn’t look off at your home’s wall as they come in plenty of design.

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The technology of emitting sufficient light makes their other point of specialty. Their life span is also much longer than those of the conventional ones. They are much safer as they are never overheated and don’t break down like the conventional ones.

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