Keep It Clean: 7 Innovative Pieces of Cleaning Technology


There is something magical about a clean space that is uplifting for the human psyche. In fact, cleanliness has even been tied to physical health. Of course, the actual cleaning itself may be stressful and unpleasant.

Thankfully, technology is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of human life, cleaning included. New tech often makes life a little easier and more convenient, and cleaning technology is part of that. Considering that sanitizing has become the new normal during the global pandemic, there have to be faster ways for large organizations to accomplish it.

To find out how cleaning technology is changing the game, check out the list below.

1. Ultraviolet Sanitizers

Ultraviolet sanitizers are especially important in the wake of COVID-19. Ultraviolet sanitizers are perfect for sanitizing objects that should not get wet, like electronics.

The ultraviolet rays that kill microbes are specific — short wave UV-C rays — and they are the same type that may cause skin cancer in humans. The high frequency of these short waves constantly hitting viruses and bacteria is what annihilates them.

2. Disinfecting Drones

Drones are more useful than just filming landscapes or spying on neighbors, they can be used for disinfection. In fact, organizations that need to clean large spaces need drones to disinfect efficiently. It’s not realistic to expect staff to wipe down an entire sports stadium, for example.

3. Self-Cleaning Surfaces

How much time would you save if you never had to clean again? Self-cleaning surfaces make this possible.

These advents of biotechnology and nanotechnology replicate some self-cleaning properties found in nature. There are a few different types of self-cleaning surfaces, including self-cleaning tile perfect for a kitchen or bathroom.

4. Portable Washers

Imagine a washing machine that can fit in your pocket. That’s not the future, that’s reality. These small, portable washing devices only need a sink, tub, or basin with water, soap, and clothes to do the job.

5. Smart Garbage Cans

Smart garbage cans may have a variety of functions. Some smart garbage cans have sensors to catch garbage in the air. Others have a mechanical function to close a full garbage bag on its own. There are even smart garbage cans in London with LED screens that display information and encourage passersby to recycle.

6. Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums, like this robot cleaning vacuum cleaner, are far more advanced than the Roomba everyone fawned over 18 years ago. There are even robotic lawnmowers nowadays.

Some popular robot vacuums include:

  • Lazer-guided
  • Autonomous
  • Handheld
  • Dirt detecting
  • Liquid absorbing
  • Wireless
  • Self-charging
  • Food-digesting
  • Voice-activated
  • Spy camera

Choosing between the long list of robot vacuums depends on your needs and your budget.

7. Cleaning Service Apps

Of course, if you have the budget, you don’t have to do your own cleaning at all. Thanks to app developers, there are a few mobile applications that help people find a cleaner and set up an appointment for their home. Again, technology helps make life a little more painless.

More Cleaning Technology

Cleaning technology is advancing rapidly each year. There are far more high tech cleaning devices on the market than could be included in this list. There is a seemingly endless list of smart vacuums, dusters, waste bins, and other cleaning devices.

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