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6 Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


There are few people who truly enjoy or look forward to cleaning the bathroom. Why would you?

The bathroom is a germ and bacteria hotspot. There are also tedious tasks like removing soap scum, unclogging drains, washing shower curtains, and cleaning toilets.

However, cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge deal. If you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, you should never have to do much heavy lifting. Just as importantly, you need to avoid common bathroom cleaning mistakes.

You’re probably wondering: Is there really a wrong way to clean a bathroom? The answer is yes.

Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Using the Same Cleaning Rag or Tool for Everything

One of the worst bathroom cleaning mistakes you can make is using the same rag to clean the entire bathroom. This can be especially disastrous if you clean the toilet before other parts of the bathroom.

You need different bathroom cleaning tools for different parts of the bathroom. By the way, proper cleaning also means washing toilet brushes once you’re done cleaning with them.

  1. Not Using the Right Cleaning Agents

Speaking of cleaning products, let’s talk about the cleaning agents you’re using. You shouldn’t be using the same stuff on the mirrors that you use on the counters and sinks.

Similarly, the toilet and shower need their own cleaning agents. We recommend looking into lemon-based cleaning products for an economically-friendly and safer way to clean. Make sure you’re using cleaning products designed to prevent bacteria infections.

  1. Not Cleaning Out Your Shower and Tub Drain

Next, don’t make one of the most overlooked bathroom cleaning mistakes. Make sure you’re cleaning out the shower and tub drain every week. Failing to do so can lead to severely clogged drains that can affect your entire plumbing.

  1. Ignoring Mold Build-Up On the Ceiling

Mold and mildew are also quite common in bathrooms. Bathrooms are prone to high levels of humidity. They also have limited windows and exposure to sunlight, which can make things worse.

The prolonged buildup of mold and mildew can lead to dangerous harmful mold side effects.

  1. Not Letting Cleaning Products Soak

Next, make sure you carefully read the instructions on the back of cleaning product labels.

Most agents take time to break down soap scum, stains, and other substances. You need to make sure you’re giving these products adequate time to do their job.

  1. Using Potent Chemicals in an Unventilated Room

Finally, if you are using harsher chemicals instead of lemon-based cleaning products, make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Keep the door open and turn on the bathroom fan. If there’s a bathroom window, open it.

Breathing in toxic fumes can lead to nausea, vomiting, headaches, and worse.

Are You Making Any of These Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes?

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