3 DIY Backyard Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend

3 DIY Backyard Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend


When you think DIY, you may think of costly and time-consuming renovations. However, you can transform your home and yard on a budget and get it done in no time. Here are your weekend plans. Try these easy DIY backyard projects!

A Fire Pit

Imagine it: it’s a cool summer night, the stars are out, and you’re relaxing after a long week. You cozy on up next to your fire pit and enjoy the night. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? A fire pit is a DIY project perfect for beginners and those who have a limited area for structures in their yard. To start this project, you’ll need to gather the following tools: 3 dozen arch-shaped paver stones

2 dozen square paver stones

8 triangle paver stones

Paver sand Keep reading here to learn more about building a fire pit. A fire pit is a DIY project that takes only a weekend and will turn your yard into a great hangout spot.

A Rain Garden

Rain gardens are built in depressed areas of land where rainwater and run-off from roofs or driveways accumulates. If you have a problem with flooding in your area, you should seriously consider taking on this project. It can help filter up to 30% more rainwater and run-off than traditional lawns. Here are some of the tools and materials you’ll need to build a rain garden:

A level A spade A wheelbarrow PVC piping Rocks and/or boulders, decorative Fabric for landscaping

You’ll build the garden in the lowest spot of your yard in a depressed area. You can continue reading here for instructions for creating a rain garden. You can fill your garden with all sorts of beautiful plants. However, they should have deep roots and thrive in damp conditions. Marsh marigolds, pink or swamp milkweed, sea lavender, swamp rose mallow, and purple bergamot are all lovely choices.

Install a Fence

Fences improve curb appeal, help you keep your pets in and unwanted animals out. If small creatures like raccoons or squirrels overrun your yard, it could help to install a fence they can’t climb. It may not eliminate your problem, but it will help. If you are dealing with bigger animals, you’ll need a different kind of fencing. Deer love to graze on plants and flowers and can easily munch up half of your garden when you’re not looking. The most important thing to keep in mind when tackling this project is deer fence height. Deer can jump pretty high. A fence standing 6 or 7 feet tall is likely enough to keep them out and keep your plants safe.

Simple DIY Backyard Projects to Finish in a Weekend

These simple DIY backyard projects are time and cost-effective. Why not spend your weekend assembling a fire pit? You can kick back on Sunday night and enjoy your accomplishment. Or you can build a rain garden. It’s a beautiful feature that improves the health of your yard. If you go through all that trouble, make sure to put up some deer fences, so they don’t eat up all of your hard work. If you like these tips and want more, be sure to check out the rest of our site for posts about homes and real estate.

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