Confused about choosing the best garage door

Confused about choosing the best garage door? Here’s what we have to say!


Garage doors give a perfected look to any home. However, choosing the right garage door is crucial as it can enhance security and energy efficiency in your home. You could either opt for roller doors or sectional garage doors. These garage doors have their own perks and differences. Let’s check out what these differences are!

 The sectional type garage doors have panels that are horizontal. These doors vertically rise and glide back horizontally into your garage.  They get fixed behind the garage opening. The sectional garage doors can be insulated or non-insulated as well as manual or automatic.

 Roller doors have horizontal ‘slats’ which tightly coil around a drum.

 Pros of sectional garage doors

  • Minimum effort to open and close the garage
  • Do not require any additional space to close or open
  • Offers heat and sound insulation
  • Various choices are available in panel design, colour, paint finish etc.
  • These doors are secure and last longer
  • Quick to open and works manually

 Pros of roller doors

  • Design of a roller door is compact and neat
  • Frame is not a requirement for these doors
  • It can fit almost any shape of the garage opening
  • Internal intrusion is less
  • Roller doors tend to be quiet during operation

Sectional garage doors are reliable and last long. Additionally, they are easy to repair in comparison to other types of garage doors. If one of the panels needs replacement, you can just replace the door panel rather than the entire garage door. As sectional garage doors operate with multiple pivot points, they offer a lot of security.

 Sectional garage doors are great space-savers too. The garage door lays parallel to the ceiling when opened, resulting in more space on the sides of the garage.

 Some modern roller garage doors have a reverse feature. When an object is underneath the door, it reverses automatically. Manufacturers can customise roller garage doors according to the requirement of customers.

How to troubleshoot common garage door problems

  • If the garage door makes noises:  If the garage door is making squeaking or grinding noises, chances are that the garage door rollers are worn out or lack lubrication.
  •  If the garage door moves unevenly: If this happens, check if some object is blocking the tracks. If something is blocking it, wipe down the tracks of the garage. If this fails, get the spring system checked.
  • The garage door refuses to close or open:  This can be a big issue! For automatic garage doors, check if the battery needs replacement. It’s best to seek professional help if the problem remains undiagnosed.
  • Garage door partially opens or closes: Check for obstruction or sensor issues. Seek professional help if the problem remains unsolved.
  • The garage door opens slowly: If the garage door is unusually slow, the problem may be with the rollers or batteries (in automatically operated garages). Check for the speed setting in automatic garage doors.
  • The garage door is closing too fast: The garage door shuts too quick if there is a problem with broken springs or cables. Professional help can solve this issue.
  • The garage door is opening and closing on its own: This can happen when a button of the remote control or the transmitter is stuck or faulty. Wiring or electrical issues can also cause this problem.

Overall, whether it’s a Roller Doors or a sectional garage door, timely maintenance of the garage doors can help them last longer! Just ensure they are repaired on time to avoid any glitches with your garage doors.

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