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Reasons To Go For Facade Cleaning In UAE


Facade cleaning is an important maintenance task for buildings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The harsh climate and exposure to elements like sand, dust and salt can quickly dirty exterior surfaces and make buildings look old. Regular facade cleaning helps restore the original appearance of buildings and also protects the structural integrity. In this blog post, we will discuss top 10 reasons for opting facade cleaning in UAE.

Improves AestheticsĀ 

Cleaning the exterior surfaces improves the overall look and aesthetics of the building. Dirt, grime and algae build up over time can make the facade look dull and aged, detracting from the visual appeal of the property and potentially even affecting property values in the surrounding area. Professional cleaning washes away all the dirt to reveal the true color and texture of the material. This gives the building a fresher, cleaner and well-maintained appearance. The facade looks new and vibrant after cleaning, enhancing the curb appeal and kerbside impression of the property for both current residents and prospective buyers.

Cleaning also removes stubborn stains that are difficult to remove through normal washing. Services use specialized chemicals and equipment to remove tough dirt, mold, mildew and algae growth. This restores the natural shine and brightness of the facade material. Clean exteriors create a good first impression and curb appeal for any property in the neighborhood, boosting the aesthetic value and perception of quality for the entire community.

Protects Material and Structure

Regular cleaning protects the material used in the facade from damage. Dirt and grime retain moisture on the surface for a long time. This leads to conditions favorable for corrosion and deterioration of materials like concrete, stone and metal over time. Cleaning washes away any retained moisture and prevents corrosion, cracking, spalling and other structural issues.

Certain dirt and algae contain acids that can corrode and weaken building materials with continuous exposure. Regular cleaning removes such damaging agents and safeguards the long term durability and integrity of the structure. It prevents premature wear and tear of the facade, saving on future repair and replacement costs. Clean exteriors also protect from mold and mildew growth that can weaken building materials.

Improves Energy Efficiency

A dirty facade reduces the energy efficiency of the building. Caked dirt, dust and algae act as an insulating layer, trapping heat inside the building. This increases the air conditioning load and energy costs to cool interior spaces.

Cleaning the exterior restores its reflective properties. Clean surfaces reflect sunlight instead of absorbing heat. This keeps interiors cooler for longer without needing frequent air conditioning. Clean facades also allow unobstructed airflow, improving natural ventilation. All this directly leads to savings on electricity bills over time through reduced cooling requirements.

Enhances Safety

Facade cleaning enhances safety for residents, tenants and pedestrians. Loose dirt, bird droppings, algae and plant growth on exteriors pose a slipping hazard. Heavy rains can dislodge such loose debris, endangering people below.

Regular cleaning removes all such loose materials, preventing potential injury from falling objects. Clean surfaces also allow for proper inspection and maintenance of balconies, railings, windows and other exterior elements. Any signs of damage or deterioration are easily visible, addressing safety issues proactively. This protects property and lives.

Improves Curb Appeal and Value

A clean, well-maintained building facade instantly improves the overall curb appeal and aesthetic value of the property. It creates a positive first impression for visitors, tenants, buyers and the neighborhood. Clean exteriors signal that the property owners care about upkeep and pay attention to small details.

This increased curb appeal can directly boost property values over time. Research shows clean buildings tend to command higher rents and sale prices compared to similar properties with dirty facades. Regular cleaning is thus a worthwhile investment to protect and enhance the monetary value of any property in the long run.

Attracts and Retains Tenants

For landlords, clean buildings are more attractive to potential tenants. Dirty facades give an impression the property may not be well maintained. This can negatively impact tenant decisions. Clean exteriors signal the owners prioritize upkeep, assuring comfort and safety for residents.

Existing tenants also feel prouder living in well-maintained buildings and neighborhoods. This improves tenant satisfaction and loyalty, supporting lower vacancy rates. Clean facades thus help attract better tenants easily and retain existing residents for longer, boosting rental yields over the years.

Complies with Regulations

In many areas and freezones across UAE, building owners and community management are legally required to keep all common areas and facades clean as per municipality regulations. Failing to do so can attract fines and penalties.

Regular professional cleaning is the best way to comply with cleanliness bylaws and avoid any legal troubles. It ensures buildings and neighborhoods always maintain the mandated standards of upkeep as per local rules. This protects owners from unnecessary hassles and expenses down the line.

Eco Friendly Option

Using environmentally-friendly, green cleaning methods is an eco-friendly way to maintain building facades. Many professional cleaning companies now offer sulfate-free, non-toxic solutions that are safe for workers and the surrounding environment.

Natural cleaning agents do not contaminate soils or water bodies. They break down completely without polluting. This sustainable approach to upkeep protects the natural habitat while fulfilling maintenance responsibilities. It is a responsible choice aligned with the UAE’s vision of environmental protection and conservation.

Adds to Prestige

Large commercial and community buildings in prominent areas often engage professional facade cleaning companies as part of their prestige and image. Clean exteriors signal the properties prioritize quality, standards and reputation.

This association of cleanliness with prestige boosts the profile and standing of such landmarks. It attracts higher-end tenants, residents and businesses, supporting premium rentals and sales. Regular cleaning thus becomes part of maintaining a high-end brand image for prominent properties.


The facade services deliver multiple benefits for any property type and location in the UAE. From improving aesthetics and structural integrity to boosting energy savings, safety, curb appeal, rents and more – regular professional cleaning pays off in many ways. It is a sound investment protecting the long term value of assets through simple, regular maintenance of exteriors. Owners would be wise to engage reputable cleaning companies to keep building facades always looking their best

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