Understanding the bathroom renovation process and its timeframe

Understanding the bathroom renovation process and its timeframe


Most people tend to put off their bathroom renovations due to the timeframe required to carry out such a feat. If you’re living in Melbourne, you are already probably aware that bathroom renovations are not an easy task in this city. The timeframe to carry out such a task would depend on the size of the bathroom and the number of tasks involved, such as electrical or plumbing work that needs to be completed. All of the below factors can also contribute to the time period required for Bathroom Renovations.


Demolition: Stripping off the old bathroom would take around three to five days depending on the work, the space in the bathroom, materials used and whether the removal of the tiles and the ceiling would be necessary or not. 


Rough In: Once the bathroom is completely stripped off, the plumbing equipment such as old pipes and wiring needed for lights etc. needs to be disconnected. Also, the renovators have to fix new ones through the room without making final connections. It might take around two to four days altogether.


Preparing for carpentry: A carpenter usually prepares the structure of the room by building shower bases and the bath or makes changes to the wall if needed so that the room is prepared for plastering and tiling. It might take two days for this process to complete.


Plastering: The professional needs to seal up the bathroom which might take around three to four days. This may include adding several coats of plaster and providing drying time in between the process.

Waterproofing: The bathroom renovators would apply several coats of waterproof and allow 24 hours of drying time to make sure that the leaks can be prevented properly. The entire process would take around two to four days.


Tiling: Once they are done with the waterproofing, the professionals move on to add the tiling which might take around three to seven days depending on the size of the tiles, the intricacy and the size or space in the bathroom. This may take around two to three days.


Adding cabinets: Cabinets get installed as soon as the tiling process is completed. This would take only one day. In addition to this, you can also look into DIY storage ideas for the bathroom.


Final fittings: The plumber and electrician would make the final fittings. This includes the sink, bath and toilet taps, underfloor drainage, lights, fans and switches. The entire process might take two to four days.


Final accessories: Shower screens and mirrors need to be installed. You can find modern, traditional or unique shower screens and mirrors online. Consider using materials like 304 stainless steel, which adds a nice finish to the bathroom and will be long-lasting. If you are unable to find any, the bathroom renovators can help you pick one that would go well with the design. Other accessories such as shower, toilet, towel racks, toilet paper holders and all the remaining fittings are also installed in this stage. The carpenter would fit a new door if required. All of this would take around one to two days.


Painting: Painting can be done any time after the tiling. Painting walls, ceiling, doors or windows can be done. A final cleaning is needed after this. It might take one to two days.

 This sums up the process and the timeframe required for Melbourne Bathroom Renovations. If you hire professionals to do your bathroom renovations, you can easily have a remodelled bathroom within the timeframe mentioned. 

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