Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget


Improving your home does not have to put you in a state of bankruptcy. You can easily give your space a spruced-up facelift by simply introducing these budget-friendly ideas. Here in California, there are a lot of great home renovation contractors near The Bay Area.

Here are some great tips for renovating your home on a budget.

Light Up Your Living Area

A dark and drab room can have a great impact and effect on a person’s mood, temperament, and productivity. Psychology has posited that in bright sunny colors have an effect of lifting up one’s mood and having an overall positive outlook. By changing up your walls and putting on more cheerful colors, you can dramatically change the feel of the whole room. Opting for neutral hues can make a room feel bigger.

Another way to go about this is by installing additional light fixtures or, better yet, allowing more natural light to come into a room. By installing additional windows or a skylight, a room will be illuminated and can even change hues. Your room will be flooded with amazing shades of pinks and yellows as the sun rises or sets.

Upgrading The Hardware

Swapping out your old and outdated fixtures can drastically improve the appearance of the home. Inexpensive little changes like putting in brass faucets or upgrading your garbage disposal can make your home feel like new. Furthermore, many old home fixtures are not energy efficient. So, upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly equipment can mean more savings in the long run.

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Taking out old and moldy tiles, floorboards and grout can also give a feeling of being refreshed and having a much needed revitalization to a space. Tiles and floorboards get the most abuse in any household. They get the grunt of being trodden on every day and carry the burden of all furnishings. They get dirty, and the passage of time can also be brutal on them, as well. By putting in new tiles or setting in new grout, the floors can get a some much needed special treatment. Not only that, it may even have an impact on your health as well.

Better Floor Layout

Opt for a floor plan that will give you a better flow in your daily activities. By moving some of your furniture around as well as changing up the functions of some rooms, you will find a great improvement in how you do things. Sometimes, getting a new perspective on things can give you the best and much needed results. Your whole house may feel brand new without the need for you to move or increase floor space.

Demolish It Yourself

If you are looking into bringing down walls, a simple way to pinch pennies would be if you do the demolition yourself. This will afford you quite some savings since you can deduct the manhours for the demolition from your labor cost. But you have to make sure of the electricals or piping involved and that the wall to be taken down will not cause the whole house to fall.

So, what are you waiting for? Let go of those ifs and buts and get moving on improving your home.

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