Tips To Decide The Right Chandelier For Each Room In Your House
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Tips To Decide The Right Chandelier For Each Room In Your House


Not every chandelier can work for every area of your house. To get the best effect from the chandelier, you need to consider several factors. The design of the room, its size, dimensions, placement location of the chandelier, and other settings of the room comes into play.

When you consider all these factors and choose the right chandelier then it has the potential to transform your space with undeniable style, and glimmering light.

There are endless options in chandeliers on the market to give a traditional, or contemporary feel to your room. In this article, we will tell you a few tips that will help you decide the best chandelier to update the interior lighting of your room.

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Foyer and Entryway Chandeliers

This is the best option in chandeliers that helps in making a stunning dazzling first impression. With such type of chandelier installed in your room, you can easily capture your guests’ attention. This classy chandelier can be one of the best home décor accessories to create your style statement style.

Large entryways should go for chandeliers with large scale designs as it gives them a balanced look. On the other hand, smaller spaces should consider petite chandeliers. If you want a chandelier for a two-story entrance, then place it above the 2nd floor. It will give a clean and presentable appearance.

Dining Room Chandeliers

Small dining tables in square, or round shapes are complemented by petite chandeliers. For rectangular tables, you should go with linear chandeliers that can deal with wider fixtures. Center your chandelier on the table in place of centering it in the center of the room.

Set the chandelier at a height between 30 to 36 inches from the top of the table. It provides enough space to make the necessary flower arrangements and other centerpieces.

Living Room Chandeliers

To select the right size of the living room chandelier, you need to focus on both the height of the coffee table and the height of the ceiling. With the help of a dimmer switch, you can automatically adjust the overhead light of your living room.

Chandeliers for the Kitchen

The kitchen is also one such place that requires adequate light. Go for a chandelier that is made up of material that can be cleaned easily. This is to avoid the moisture, and grease in the kitchen to deposit on the chandelier and make it a laborious cleaning job for you.

A centralized overhead chandelier with synchronizing under-cabinet lights and pendants is the ideal approach towards light layering.


Chandeliers are timeless pieces to add ambient warmth, and light to your room. Pair them up with overhead designs with your pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps, and torchieres, to illuminate your space to perfection. All these tips will help you decide the best chandelier for every room that meets your expectations in the best way.

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