Should You Rent a Mobile Home in Las Vegas
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Should You Rent a Mobile Home in Las Vegas?


Mobile homes offer a living solution for people who want something different than the average single-family home offers. There is less work involved in renting a mobile home and fewer stressors as well. Mobile homes are more affordable than most other rental options available in Las Vegas, they’re easier to care for and maintain than a large home, and should you decide to relocate, movable to another location with a trailer and the right equipment on hand. If you are searching for a great place to call home in Las Vegas, perhaps it’s time to consider renting one of the mobile homes available in the city.

Mobile Home Rental Costs

The biggest advantage offered to mobile home renters is the price. Mobile homes for rent in Las Vegas are oftentimes located in mobile home parks, a community where several mobile homes sit on their own lots. Some mobile home parks charge a small lot fee in addition to the monthly mobile home rental fee. Even with all fees tacked into the costs, mobile home rental rates are considerably cheaper than renting an apartment or a single-family home.

The average two-bedroom apartment in las Vegas rents for $1,087 monthly, compared to a monthly rental rate of $865 for a two-bedroom mobile home. That’s over $200 month less to rent a mobile home than to rent other options available in the area. Most people find that mobile home parks are more lenient concerning their rental requirements in comparison to property management companies. If credit or finances are of concern, perhaps renting a mobile home is the best way to get a home that exceeds expectations. Many mobile home park owners do not require the same income requirements or finance requirements as you’d need to overcome when renting elsewhere.

Not Much Different

Aside from easier qualifications and lower prices, renting a mobile home isn’t much different than renting any other home. Services like electricity, water, internet and cable are available for added fees. And, most mobile home parks require a lease to rent a home, just like you’d sign renting any other home in the community. Some mobile home parks host community event and offer amenities such as picnic areas, BBQ grills, etc. for tenants. Check out the mobile home park ahead of the rental to learn more about the amenities offered.

More Than Mobile Home Parks

Perhaps the idea of living in a close-knit community such as a mobile home park frightens you, but it shouldn’t. The right mobile home park is just as safe and clean as any other neighborhood that you’d call your own. The key is to research the options to find a home that suffices your needs. Bear in mind that some mobile homes in Las Vegas aren’t located in parks, so if you really object to this lifestyle, consider one of the alternative locations for a mobile home rental.

The key to finding a great mobile home is to do your homework before you sign a contract or any lease agreement. It’s just as easy to find mobile homes for rent in Las Vegas as it is to find apartments or single-family homes. Research the web, newspapers, and word-of-mouth sources to find the best mobile homes available in the area. If you want to reduce your monthly expenses or do things differently than the crowds, perhaps renting a mobile home is the best way to accomplish things.

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