Design Your Teens Bedroom Keeping Them And You In Mind
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Design Your Teens Bedroom Keeping Them And You In Mind


Someone said that all teenagers need are food, sleep,  and wi-fi. So there you have it, put in those elements in your teen’s bedroom and your designing task is done. But it’s not that easy, isn’t it? Take into consideration your teen’s hobbies, habits, and preferences, and you are on your way to creating a room that will make them love you again, for a week, maybe.

Are you a working parent? Don’t have the time to argue with your teen? You have the option to hire an expert in interior design Melbourne who can mediate between the two of you and come up with a room your teen would love to spend a lot of time in, sparing you the headache.

For starters, below are a few ideas you might want to play around with.

1.    A world of their own

To most teenagers, the bedroom is their home. They practically live in it, doing everything and anything within its confines. Privacy is their top priority (so why do they broadcast every second of their lives on social media?!)

Build a room as you would a studio apartment, all in. Allow space for overstaying friends, snacking, gaming and maybe studying. Beanbags would be nice, comfy and easily converts into beds for sleep-overs.

Think double space by installing a loft bed. Its underside will be so useful as a study, cabinet or lounge. Be mindful of its height though, space underneath should be high enough not to cause bumps and bruises on their heads (you wouldn’t want child protection services to be banging on your door). The bed itself needs to have railings,  teens are capable of falling off beds, too, maybe more so than toddlers.

The loft would be a perfect place to put them in. They’ll be as far from you as possible, would love the privacy it affords and feel like they’re living on their own (how you wish!).

2.    Let them be

It’s their room and they have the right to some of the design ideas. Though their taste may be opposite yours, they will be holed up in there for quite some time, so give in to their whims for as long as they don’t go way beyond your sense of propriety.

Try to pick out materials that are not too permanent, teens shift interests as often as they do their Facebook profile pictures. Besides, they’ll outgrow all these and would rather a more mature ambiance soon enough.

3.    Keep the peace

Acoustic panels and thick carpets are your best friends whenever there are teenagers in the house. Your teen may be an aspiring musician whose instrument of choice is the drums or they may be just plain music lovers whose advocacy is to share their music with the whole neighborhood. Save yourself the trouble of midnight calls from neighbors, a bit of soundproofing is definitely worth the investment.

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