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While the idea of ​​using an exercise baseball as a chair may seem unconventional, many have already taken a step and thrown away their old office chairs and replaced them with a baseball chair. Whether you use an office chair 8 hours a day at work, an hour a day while preparing for a test, or surfing the web at home, a baseball chair can easily replace an office chair in any of these circumstances. If you haven’t seen the baseball in your office or other offices yet, you may start seeing it soon as more people learn about the benefits of using an exercise baseball as a chair.

Better Posture: Most baseball chairs come without a back, which can seem a bit unnatural at first, especially if you’ve been sitting in a traditional office chair for years. While it may seem that sitting in a backless chair can be detrimental rather than beneficial, it actually helps remind the user to sit in the correct posture, making squatting or squatting more noticeable.

Improves Balance – Sitting on an unstable surface requires balance, especially if you are used to constantly sitting in an office chair that stays in one place. Most baseball chairs have a solid base that provides more stability than a normal exercise baseball, but some degree of balance is still required.

Mobility – Sitting in a baseball chair naturally forces you to reposition yourself frequently for balance. Frequent movement creates a healthy work environment that cannot normally be achieved in a standard office chair.

Get in shape while sitting. Most people don’t realize that sitting in a chair with a baseball is trying to balance. To stay balanced and upright, your core muscles need to work overtime, giving you the opportunity to do a low-key abdominal exercise as you work.

Exercise While You Work – The great advantage of having a chair with a baseball, whether it has a stable base or not, is that you can easily turn your chair into a training tool. If your baseball has a base, simply lift it off the platform and you can do a wide variety of exercises and stretches with ease.

Burn clories while you work – Movement is the easiest way to burn calories, and thanks to the continuous movement you experience while sitting in a baseball chair, you can burn up to 350 calories in a work day.

Inexpensive: A good ergonomic chair will cost around $ 200 or more, depending on the quality you want and the level of fit. Baseball chairs are inexpensive sitting aids, most of which cost about $ 139 on average for a baseball with a solid base, or as low as $ 15 if you’re just looking for an exercise baseball.

Make Work Fun – Use your imagination to understand why the baseball chair can be a fun and addictive alternative to the office chair. What office chair allows you to bounce from time to time during the day while relieving back and back pain at the same time?

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