The Most Desirable Eco-Friendly Flooring Material
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The Most Desirable Eco-Friendly Flooring Material


If you care about the environment, bamboo is a great option. It is more sustainable than choosing wood as it is made from renewable bamboo plants. Bamboo is also strong and aesthetically inferior to hardwood. Bamboo is commonly used in modern homes and has a clean, minimalist look. It is cost effective and less cheap than many hardwood floors. You can also enjoy the color change when exposed to sunlight, just like a real tree.

Bamboo should be treated like a hardwood floor, with regular vacuuming or sweeping to remove dirt and debris. It is an excellent option for people with asthma or allergies, as it is easy to care for and does not get trapped by allergens or mold. Sometimes you will want to disinfect the floor with a special cleaner, but make sure the one you use is the one recommended by the manufacturer. It is also ideal for protecting bamboo from scratches by placing protective pads under furniture and chairs.

Although linoleum has been around since the 1800s, many people have opted for vinyl as it doesn’t need to be waxed. Although linoleum requires special care, it is virtually indestructible and an excellent choice for the environment. It’s made from linseed oil, wood flour, or cork powder and the color lasts forever, so premature discoloration is never a problem. For added appeal, linoleum can be cut and shaped to create unique colors and patterns that will delight the eyes.

Linoleum must be waxed to restore its shine and must be professionally installed. It is worth spending more time on these little inconveniences in search of a beautiful and ecological floor. Linoleum is also easy to clean and requires regular vacuuming, as well as occasional cleaning with water and a mild detergent.

Perhaps the easiest type of flooring to maintain is rubber, although most people only consider rubber for public spaces. While it may not be the most attractive at first glance, rubber flooring is ideal for basements, gyms, or children’s areas, especially due to the variety of vibrant colors in which they are available. Rubber comes in a variety of textures and is durable. so you can play with it all day. The non-porous surface makes this area easy to keep clean and should be vacuumed regularly.

Cork is another option that has all the environmental benefits. Cork is extracted from the bark of trees and does so without damaging it. Cork floors, like parquet floors, will never be the same again. They have their own unique qualities from a single tree, so you can enjoy a view that will be different from your entire home. Cork is a suitable option for people with allergies and asthma as it is mold and mildew free and inherently hypoallergenic. It is also quiet and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hopefully, these sustainable non toxic flooring options have opened up new possibilities for flooring throughout your home.

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