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How to repair roof leaks?


Water leaks in the ceiling are one of the main causes of the presence of moisture in the walls. If you are suffering from this problem, it is time to proceed to repair roof leaks.

But how to solve the problem of roof leaks? What aspects have to be taken into account? In this article, we briefly explain what the most common causes of a broken roof are and how we proceed to Amazing Roof Restorations.

Why do roof leaks arise?

One of the reasons why leaks arise is due to bad placement of the tiles or deficiencies in the roof of the terrace or facade, thus generating broken tiles or perforated structures.

If in your infrastructure you have broken slates or shingles, it is very likely that this causes water filters inside the house, thus causing the presence of moisture from the walls and ceiling or even the exterior deterioration of the facade.

Another reason may also be due to obstruction problems or defects in chimneys or gutters, whose causes maybe some object that causes water to overflow, thus generating filters inside the building. All these symptoms indicate that you must repair the roof of your roof as soon as possible.

How to proceed to repair roof leaks?

There are several reasons why a leak repair may be necessary to precede with the maintenance of the home. Therefore, we explain how to repair roof leaks according to the type of restoration you need.

●        Terrace and roof waterproofing

This procedure occurs when the leak arises between different sectors. Therefore, we proceed to analyze only the affected area for proper waterproofing. This way the roof leaks can be repaired quite effectively.

Depending on the needs of each case, we use different waterproofing techniques, either to change broken roofs for new ones or even restore the chimney meeting point with the roof base.

●        Texas substitutions

Another case in which we must repair the roof leaks is when we detect a broken or improperly placed tile. This occurs, especially, in old facades whose blackboards were affected by the effect of wind or any other atmospheric agent.

In this situation, we proceed to replace the roof pieces or place them correctly. And to check its waterproofing level, we perform the water test. If no filter occurs, the problem of leaks in the house would have been solved.

In extreme cases where the roof is completely damaged, there is no other option but to re-coat the entire house by waterproofing it with an asphalt sheet or similar, as the case may be.

And if there is no element that can be recovered, new units must be placed and anchored correctly to the support. Ideally, completely repair the roof and replace as many pieces as possible to avoid water filters in the future.

●       Gutter cleaning

Gutters are an essential part of the roof. With them, we can proceed to the drain of the water arisen after the rains. However, these can suffer from obstructions caused by natural factors such as the accumulation of leaves, branches or even animals.

In this case, it is advisable to verify that the gutters are not clogged and proceed to clean. In this way, you will prevent water from accumulating and damaging the roofs of the house, thus causing you to have to repair them and fix the leaks caused by the filter on the roof.

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