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6 Tips from Expert Locksmiths to Improve Your Car Security


Your vehicle is one of the most expensive possessions you own, hence you need to make it as safe and secure as possible from thieves and vandals. Loss of your car is not just highly inconvenient, but also leaves you in financial trouble. In order to prevent theft, follow these 6 useful tips from an expert locksmith in St Louis to help prevent vehicle theft.

Be Careful with Where You Park:

Remember to park your vehicle in a safe location, whenever possible. Parking it in a secure car parking facility or a locked garage will aid to prevent theft. Just in case you are parking your vehicle on your driveway, installing CCTV camera or motion detector lighting will help improve security. If you are parking the vehicle on a street, make sure it is in a well-lit area.

Use an Immobilizer:

An immobilizer is a great tool that will secure your car against theft. If your vehicle doesn’t have an immobilizer, install it as soon as possible. Immobilizers function in different ways. An immobilizer prevents either the ignition, fuel pump, or the starter from functioning when someone tries to start your car with an invalid key.

Take Care of your Vehicle Keys:

Ensure that your vehicle keys are with you at all times. Getting hold of your vehicle keys is indeed the easiest way to steal the car. Also keep your spare keys in a secure location. If you purchased the car from someone else, remember to rekey the lock or replace the key with the help of a locksmith in St Louis, so that only you will be able to securely operate the vehicle.

Install a Car Alarm:

If your car doesn’t have an alarm, consider installing one. A loud vehicle alarm will be a great deterrent for thieves when they attempt to break in to your car.

Use a Vehicle GPS Tracker:

GPS trackers have been becoming more demanded these days for their ability to instantly track the location of your valuables. Investing in trackers will make it a whole lot easier to trace your vehicle and recover it easier after it’s stolen. Some GPS trackers will be able to pinpoint your car at street level, and other powerful VHS systems will still be able to detect the location of your car even when it’s in a storage container.

Don’t Forget to Lock Your Car:

This is a fundamental security tip, but is worth mentioning. Several drivers tend to forget to lock their vehicle when they head to a store, leaving the keys inside. An auto locksmith in St Louis states that there have been various instances when vehicles were stolen due to this reason.
Follow these tips and take necessary security precautions as soon as you purchase a new vehicle. Get in touch with a professional locksmith for more tips and to execute security upgrades such as lock rekeying in St Louis for your car.

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