How to clean stainless steel without harsh chemicals
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How to clean stainless steel without harsh chemicals


Stainless steel is an incredible invention in the kitchen, yet one that may give you trouble during cleaning. You may have thought that commercial cleaning is what will be necessary to get rid of stains on it – however, that is not the case. Forget about harsh chemicals and look at these ecologically friendly, health-conscious alternatives.

Fingerprints, grease, water and even warm air may leave little imprints. Taking out specialized solutions each time may be untenable. Check out these handy alternatives we have prepared for you today:

1.      Club soda

When it comes to small stains, you can’t go wrong with applying a little bit of club soda to get rid of them! House cleaning has never been this easy – simply apply the soda directly onto the appliance and wipe in the correct direction.

Try this domestic cleaning trick: the correct direction to wipe in can be decided by the grain – take a close look at the surface you’re wiping and you should be able to spot it. Go along the grain, and you won’t meet any problems.

This method will easily remove any fingerprints, dust or food residue. As a great bonus, you will notice a new shine to the stainless-steel surface. Enjoy having a beautiful home, full of good-as-new kitchen utensils, with this simple trick!

2.      Oil

Whether mineral, baby or even olive – polishing the surface with it can help you get the newly-bought shine back. It is easy, simple, and efficient – so you can do it to get that ballroom-shine any time you have guests or want your kitchen to look extra spectacular.

Another great tip taken directly from cleaners in Glasgow is to mix it with other cleaning solutions to have a great combination that will get rid of any debris and leave the steel fully clean by the end.

3.      Dish soap

Want to clean the surface out first, and polish after? Dish soap is the perfect choice for you! Simply apply it along the grain, so that less of it gets into the cracks and lightly scrub off any dirt or food material. Opt for non-toxic dish detergents and a damp cloth to remove smudges, while drying it off with a different cloth to prevent any water stains.

4.      Light cleaning

It’s perfectly easy to involve the cleaning of stainless-steel surfaces into your light cleaning routine. Whether you hire a cleaning-service from Glasgow or do it yourself, you’ll notice marked improvements when implementing it into your routine.

Although it is not difficult to get rid of stains already, by regularly wiping off or cleaning off the stains as they come up, you leave them less time to truly set in deep.

Enjoy a wonderful kitchen that is ever-clean by spending 5 minutes extra per day, where you make sure your stainless-steel is in good condition.

5.      Vinegar and baking soda

The unsung heroes of the cleaning world, vinegar and baking soda can typically solve any problems when it comes to domestic cleaning in Glasgow. The approach is simple: mix them up to a degree that seems right to you, as a recommendation you can take: 1:4 baking soda to water and scrub away.

The solution created is one that is reactive, meaning it is active and has comparable properties to the club soda, but is also available in almost any kitchen out there. It’s simple and efficient – making it one of the best ways of cleaning your stainless-steel!

Looking for other terrific tips? Make sure to follow us for excellent cleaning advice – we have all the keys to having a healthy, happy kitchen, with as little effort from you as possible!

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