Interior Designing Secrets from the Pros
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Interior Designing Secrets from the Pros


Some people have the talent for design while some needs the internet to for “consultation”. Who would not want to have an interior design to take over our homes? The thing though is, not everyone is equipped financially to hire the best of the best from the interior design industry.

Interior designing is fast changing and this is attested by professionals who are offering retail & hospitality interior design for restaurants, cafes, clinics or places that is needed to be glammed up.  So, for those who are starting with their own business ventures who are still keeping up with their finances, don’t fret, here are interior designing secrets straight from the pros.

  • DIY will never be outdated. Interior designers may have studied from prestigious design schools but the truth is, most of them have the innate talent and self-taught.
  • Modern pieces and the old ones can be a perfect match. Mixing pieces together can never go out of hand.
  • To avoid the dull and boring rooms, doll it up with wallpapers. This can definitely give life to any monotonous space in the area.
  • Be efficient with energy usage. Go for LED bulbs as it can be an energy saver and can look great at the same time.
  • Want some history in the room? Invest in antique pieces because it does not only beautify it also tells a lot of story behind it.
  • Just go with the flow and move freely. Being to controlling when it comes to interior designing may affect the overall outcome.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling. This perhaps is the most neglected part of interior designing; however, a space’s beauty is being defined by how well the ceilings look like.
  • Painting is indeed powerful. A venues new look can be achieved by choosing the right colors when painting its walls.
  • Always settle for classics when in doubt. Classics never go out of style.
  • Keep a family piece in sight. Showing off one’s own heritage can be a very great move.

Having a place that looks high-end is not impossible these days. Even when the budget is tight, there are means to get the interior design that is suited for a business or even in a personal space. A part for interior designing, keeping the venue clean is necessary too. Surprisingly, a clutter free space is the most affordable means for it look elegant. As a rule of thumb, interior designing is not just about putting up color to a room. It is also about the inspiration one can get the moment he sets his eyes on it and the feeling of comfort it can give when time is spent even in a small room.

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