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How Can Faulty Gas Lines Harm Your Family


A piece of shocking news showed up on social media pages and TV reports last August 2020. Less than 100 people died and around 4,000 others were injured. The cause – a big explosion due to a faulty gas line. There is a high chance that this can also happen to our homes. Besides an explosion, there are lots of dangers on how faulty gas lines harm your family.

A blockage in your gas valve can block gases from going out the pipes. A leak in your gas pipes can cause an explosion or fire. According to gas fitters Sydney residents call when it comes to gas plumbing emergencies, it is important to have a gas plumbing inspection at least once a year. This is to check for any potential risk of having a very dangerous gas leak. They also make sure that each gas appliances or flue within the household are safe to use and are working properly.

The Common Causes of a Gas Leak

What causes a gas leak in the first place? The most common causes of a gas leak are:

Aged Pipes

Some gas plumbing systems are older than the foundation of a household. As pipes get old, they weaken and are more prone to damages. Aged pipes are a common cause of faulty gas lines or leaks. Aged pipes can break or crack as they weaken. Corrosion and rust can cause leaks within them. Calling gas fitters in Sydney can help locate possible faulty gas lines or leaks and quickly repair or replace them for the safety of your family.

Connections and Fittings Problems

The pipes connected in your main gas supply are hooked up to different connections and fittings on your home appliances using gas. Over time, these connections and fittings become misaligned or malfunction. As such they result in faulty gas lines or leaks. Again, once this happens, you should immediately call gas fitters in Sydney. They can help fix such issues quickly for the safety of your family.

Wear and Tear of Appliances

Like your gas plumbing system, your home gas appliances are also subject to wear-and-tear. Because of constant use, there are times that their parts may break or they may overheat. As they get less reliable, the gas pipes connecting them to the main supply may be corroded. This can cause faulty gas lines or leaks which only gas fitters in Sydney can safely address.

How Can Faulty Gas Lines Harm Your Family?

After knowing the common causes of faulty gas lines or leaks, it is also important to know how they can bring dangers to your family. By being aware of how faulty gas lines harm your family, you will always be reminded to take proper care of your gas plumbing system.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When gas valves get blocked, it prevents carbon monoxide from going out of your house. As they find ways to escape, they may enter the inside of your house through the openings on your gas appliances. They will mix into the air your family breathes. Carbon monoxide is harmful as it blocks oxygen to reach the brain, heart, and other vital organs. Breathing in large amounts of carbon monoxide can overcome your family members in just minutes. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in loss of consciousness, suffocation, and death.

Fire Hazards

When faulty gas lines or leaks develop, natural gas will mix into the air inside your house. Because they are highly combustible, a small spark can cause an explosion or fire. This is why gas fitters in Sydney strongly suggest to NEVER EVER IGNORE GAS LEAKS. They can put your family in danger of being harmed from explosions and fire.

Other Health Hazards

Faulty gas lines or leaks can cause natural gases to enter the household. They will deplete the oxygen inside your house and cause other health harms to you and your family. These include:

  • Blisters, frostbites, and numbness of the skin
  • Breathing problems
  • Dizziness
  • Eye and throat irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Hypoxia
  • Nausea

Again, NEVER EVER IGNORE faulty gas lines, and gas leaks are very dangerous. Immediately call gas fitters in Sydney to keep your family safe and to resolve the issue right away.

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