Fine Options for Room Décor for You

Fine Options for Room Décor for You


What is the secret for decorating your living room? This is a question that makes a lot of ink in the decosphere. The living room?We want it cozy or explosive, friendly or intimate, but especially with temperament. The secret to decorate your living room?Listen to your desires and think harmony. Boudoir or Art Deco version, Louis XIV or contemporary, the salon must respect the right balance between the architectural features of your room, furniture and colors, to create a coherent universe where decorative elements marry each other. As you can see, decorating your living room is a matter of alchemy. Here are the living room decor ideas that you would think as the best.

Harmony And Balance: The Keys Of A Mastered Deco

Center of the house or your apartment, the decoration of the living room does not support the approximation. So, there is no question of compromise. The first rule is to follow and respect the very identity of your space regarding Brightness, volume, shape, exposure. All these elements must be considered. A large space will not be satisfied with a small fireside and conversely your five-seater sofa will not fit in a studio. So, marry your room and soak up its peculiarities to better sublimate it. Feel free to play on lights and other mirrors for poorly exposed spaces or to better reveal a natural light. In the same way, make sure to adopt furniture that is not only proportional to your space, but also to each other. So now that the basic fundamentals of the layout are on display: a place for style.

Style And Ambiance: Creating Aesthetic Universe

Your style, your decorative and aesthetic preferences are the threads of your interior design. So, define an atmosphere, let your creativity speak or take inspiration from our decorative ideas to define your project and then decline it.

The trick to sharpen his universe?

From a deco trend that makes us want, a sofa or a furniture fetish and the interior designer in kolkata  fixed its point. They play on tones, color charts, materials and furnitureto give life to your universe. Camaïeu gray, white and pastel shades for a Scandinavian style, oil blue wall and brass accessories for an Art Deco style, black shades or raw wood and stainless steel for an industrial version: think consistency in the choice of your decorative objects and pallets of colors.

Accessorizing Its Salon For Sharpened Deco

We will never repeat it enough, a well decorated living room is a living room accessorized. Black and white carpets for a graphic atmosphere, skin for a cozy atmosphere, photo walls for a contemporary atmosphere or colorful cushions to specify a style. In fashion as in decoration, accessories are highly desirable!


It is the intelligence that expresses itself. So, let yours speak and listen to your desires! But do not forget. The key to decorating your living room is harmony

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