Commonly Asked Questions about Rug Restoration
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Commonly Asked Questions about Rug Restoration


More often than not, when people have a rug that begins to look too dingy to clean, they tend to just throw it away. Instead of just throwing your rug away, did you know that you could have it restored by a professional company? If you’ve never heard of carpet restoration, and you’re getting ready to throw away your favourite carpet, then keep reading to learn a few things about carpet restoration.

Can You Repair the Fringes?

The great thing about local carpet restoration in London is that they can actually repair the fringes on your carpet. There are a couple of options that your carpet restoration company can choose from:

  • Repairing the fringes
  • Replacing the fringes
  • Overcast and secure the ends of the fringes

Can a Patch Be Used to Repair a Hole?

A patch can definitely be used if the hole is small enough. But let’s be honest, a patch won’t look nearly as nice as a rug that has been rebuilt.

Ask for an Opinion

The most important thing to remember is to get an opinion first. Unfortunately, there are certain rugs that won’t benefit at all from a restoration or repair. A qualified company will make this very clear to you.

If you have a dingy old carpet at home that you just can’t seem to part with, bring it into your local carpet restoration company. They’ll do whatever they can to bring your favourite carpet back to its original glory.

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