A Look at Some Top Designs and Styles for Wooden Fencing for Your Property

A Look at Some Top Designs and Styles for Wooden Fencing for Your Property


Whether you are thinking of upgrading your current fence for your property or are building a fence from scratch for your new home, you have different options in regard to fencing materials. There’s iron, primarily wrought iron, of course, but there is also vinyl, which is one of the more modern options around. Of course, you can always go for wooden fencing, and with this, you can never go wrong. Why? Because wooden fencing is durable and tough, and it can last for years and years to come. What’s more, wooden fencing is versatile, meaning you can have it painted or sized according to your preference.

If you have already decided that wooden fencing is best for your home, then the next step would be to determine the style and design you want. You do have some options in this regard as well, but there are some choices which are more popular than most. Here’s a look at some top designs and styles for wooden fencing for your Zoom Property.

  • A vertical board fence

Vertical board fencing is excellent if you would like some extra privacy for you and your loved ones while you are relaxing in your abode. This style of wooden fencing is usually comprised of vertical wooden boards which can overlap, so there is not enough space in between each board (and not enough space for anyone to peek in). The slats are often high as well – as much as 2 metres tall – so it really is your best option if you are looking for total privacy and would like to discourage prying eyes but still want your property to look good.

  • A wooden panel fence

Wooden panel fencing is just as its name implies – it is comprised of wooden panels which are also set quite close together, and this gives you some extra privacy as well, as the experts in fence panels in Cirencester from AB Fencing will tell you. This design can either be high or low, depending on your requirements, but the slats will usually be set quite close together, so you have your own screen of privacy without compromising your home’s aesthetic appeal.

  • A wooden picket fence

Picket fences are quite iconic, and a home with a picket fence is undoubtedly quite charming and quaint. The most popular option for picket fencing is white wooden fencing, and it looks quite stylish with suburban residences and homes. Picket fences are often made to be between 1 metre to 1 and a half metres in height, and it can make your home look more welcoming yet contribute to your safety as well. Picket fencing is ideal if you have young children or pets, as it can prevent them from going out on their own while still giving your home a classic, well-loved look.

  • A post and rail fence

A post and rail fence is another popular style, although it’s used mainly as a pen designed for animals which are on your property. The typical post and rail fence stands at around 1 metre, although it can be higher, and it is often suitable for homes in rural communities.

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