Preparing Lawn for Winter: 10 Tips to Follow


Throughout US history, winter weather has reached historic lows that have surged far into the negative degrees. If you tend to your lawn regularly, you’ll know just how much havoc winter weather can cause for your lawn. When it comes to preparing lawn for winter, there are several things you can do!

If you’re ready to prepare your lawn for the winter months, you’ve come to the right place! Stick around for the breakdown of everything you need to know about winter lawn preparation.

1. Hire Experts

If you’re in the middle of any major lawn projects, you’ll need to finish those up as soon as possible. For bigger projects, you may need to hire additional help or specialized experts to help you with your lawn care needs. There are actually over 100,000 lawn care companies in the United States, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect fit for you!

2. Aerate Your Lawn

Right before the first frost date for your area, you’ll need to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn will ensure proper growth and maintenance throughout the winter months. Through the aerating process, you’ll be able to loosen compacted soil and allow vital nutrients, water, and air to the roots of your grass and trees.

3. Fertilize

After aerating your lawn, another important step is to fertilize. Fertilizing your lawn can provide vital nutrients and growth before heading into the winter months. Fertilizing your lawn before winter can actually give it a jumpstart for growth when it comes time for spring to start.

4. Remove Debris

If you’re looking to prep your lawn for winter, one of the first things you’ll need to do is clear out any debris. This includes any lawn decorations, leaves, and more. It’s recommended that you thoroughly rake your yard before beginning the aerating and fertilizing process.

5. Prepare Your Trees

Preparing your trees is a major step you’ll need to take in getting your lawn ready for winter. Pruning your trees is actually a chore that is best done during the winter as the trees handle the pruning better in cold weather.

Companies such as Alberta Arborists can make pruning and prepping your trees a breeze!

6. Timing is Key

When preparing lawn for winter, you’ll need to have good time management and pay special attention to the weather. Take note of when the first frost is expected to happen and make sure to have your tasks completed before then.

7. Treat Ice

Treating ice and keeping your sidewalks maintained is actually a very important step in preserving your lawn during the winter. The more you tend to your sidewalks the better of your lawn will be!

8. Prevent Water Loss

In order to prevent water loss from plant leaves, you’ll need to apply anti-transpirants. You can use this technique for both plants and trees of all sizes. Note that this is usually a job done by professional lawn care experts.

9. Trim Grass

Trimming your grass before the first frost is a great way to set your lawn up for a healthy winter. Your lawn should be around two to 2.5 inches high for the winter season.

10. Avoid Lawn Traffic

 If possible, try to avoid damaging or stepping on your lawn too much throughout the winter. In order to preserve the health of your grass, leave it dormant for as long as possible.

Preparing Lawn For Winter

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ten tips for preparing lawn for winter. Remember these are only ten of the many ways you can prepare your lawn for cold weather. Check out additional articles for more information on preparing your lawn for the winter months.

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