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DIY Candles At Home – Some Tips For You


Candles have been in use since the time humans invented fire. These were made with many materials such as palm, soy, and paraffin, and so on. When lit in any room, they have a way of beautifying the ambiance in that particular place. You can try making them in your house with the help of some DIY procedures.

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Making Floating Candles 

Candles are not just a way of lighting up any space when there is darkness. It has become a means of beautifying a location with some random placements of the candles. Some of the ways of making candles to decorate your house start with you collecting these ingredients.


A votive wax blend is an ideal way of making sure that the candle can stick to their texture. You can choose the pillar blend wax or the votive, as a basic raw material for candle preparation.

A Small Mould 

A mould should be smaller sized at its bottom. Hence, choose the moulds that are designed with a broader upper part than the lower part. A muffin or cupcake mould is an idea for candle making.


The colour of the candle can be anything of your choice. You can make a decision based on your preference.


A zinc core wick that is untabbed is ideal for a candle with a thickness of 1 to 2 inches.


Aromatic candles are quite popular today. If you wish to have a scented candle, then you can add the fragrance of your choice to the mould in the required drops.

Next Steps 

Prepare a wick and mould of your preference and then begin with the idea of melting the wax.

Now take the moulds and spray or apply the fragrance of your choice to them. Now gently pour the melted wax into them and let them stay. You can even go with the idea of unscented candles and not adding any fragrance to the moulds as well.

Place the wicks inside the moulds, in between the circumference of a candle. Do not make them touch the bottom of the mould. Let them stay inside the candle mould.

Make sure that the wax is completely cooled and the candles are holding their shape perfectly. Now trim the wicks up to ΒΌ inch length above the candle surface.

Take margarita glasses or wine glasses to design the idea of floating candles. Use these floating candle glasses to decorate any area during any event. You can even just light the candles and let them float on the water inside a classic bowl as well. How you wish to use these floating candles is entirely up to you. They can even make an excellent addition to Halloween decoration.

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