Choosing the Best Whipped Cream is No Longer a Problem Now

Choosing the Best Whipped Cream is No Longer a Problem Now


Cream whipped into butter? Or is the whipped cream too liquid to set? Whipping cream properly is not a science, but neither a matter of course. Read the following recommendations and you have won, or at least well started.

The fat content of the cream should be at least 33%

The cream must always be well chilled. Leave it in the fridge until the last minute. It is recommended to cool the bowl (ideally metal) or whisk.

Related to this is another piece of advice – not whipping where it is being cooked or baked. In the hot air, the whipped cream does not solidify well.

Start whipping at lower speeds and gradually add beater power. At the end, then reduce speed again. And whoever whips by hand in the end still subsides.

Consistency is up to you. Some prefer more liquid whipped cream, which is poured on pancakes, while others are really firm, which keeps its shape on coffee and dessert. But never whip for too long, otherwise the result will not be a delicious cream, but such a strange butter with buttermilk.If you sweeten the cream with sugar, add a pinch of salt. The salt enhances the taste of the cream and enhances the taste of the sugar. Add a few drops of lemon. Thanks to him, the cream solidifies better.Colored whipped cream is effective and easy. You only add food coloring (they also have it in drugstores).There are places where you can order whipped cream chargers online and have them delivered such as Mr Cream Melbourne and there you can get the varieties as well.

A Little Different Whipped Creamcheese Cream

Mix soft cottage cheese with vanilla sugar and lighten with firmly whipped cream. Cheese cream holds its shape well and has a pleasant taste. It is also excellent as a filling for cakes, pancakes and other desserts.

Parisian Whipped Cream

Mix 25 g of cocoa and 35 g of powdered sugar with whipping cream (33% fat, 250 ml) and heat everything to boiling point. Let it boil slightly and set aside. It is important to let the mixture cool properly in the refrigerator (12 – 24 hours). We whip the Parisian whipped cream carefully, it is ready before the classic one and it is then easily whipped.

Parisian Whipped Cream

Pour whipping cream (33% fat, 250 ml) in a stainless steel or glass bowl and add the broken quality chocolate (70 g). Stirring is allowed to dissolve in a boiling water bath. Set aside and allow to cool. Then cover the bowl with foil or foil and put in the refrigerator for 12 – 24 hours. Whisk at medium speed, carefully into a thick cream.As we have seen throughout this article, the whipped cream siphon has become indispensable for any chef who aspires to perfection. Here we give you some recommendations for its use and care.

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