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10 Pool Maintenance Tips


10 Pool Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a pool can be difficult and usually requires a lot of unnecessary and more specifically unwanted manual labour to be achieved. So what if you learnt about some tricks that will help make these processes easier or potentially outright remove the requirement with no downside. Contained in this article are 10 tips that are aimed to help make your pool maintenance life easier while keeping the great results.

Invest In A Pool Skimmer

A pool skimmer is of course a great addition; if you can spring for it then an automatic pool cleaner would be even better. The ability to know that your pool is nice and clean while you don’t have to lift a finger is something priceless and can remove those annoying afternoons that instead of relaxing in the pool you have to spend it cleaning the debris inside.

Just remember to remove the debris from the filter for skimmers and the dedicated filter for automated pool cleaners.

Check The Pool Chemicals Every Third Day

Instead of constantly worrying about checking the pool chemicals every day you can instead just remember to do it every third day. Professional pool maintenance experts suggest that the chemicals in your pool should be checked 2 – 3 times per week which works out to be roughly every third day.

If you keep to this routine then you should never have a problem with chemical imbalance during events or during those occasions that you want to use it.

Keep an eye on the water level

By making sure you keep an eye out on your pool’s water level then it will never catch you off guard. You might be wondering if water level really is that important when considering pool maintenance but it has an impact nonetheless. Too little then you could risk an injury when diving in and if it’s too much then your filter is going to have a lot of trouble doing its job.

Use A Floater With Chlorine Tablets

Do you ever feel like when using chlorine it doesn’t circulate around the pool very well? Well if you switch to using a pool floater made for chlorine tablets then rest assured that it will never get concentrated. If you combine this with having the filtration going on at the same time then it is guaranteed to be spread out evenly while not needing much effort from your end.

If Your Prefer Natural Options Then Consider A Salt Chlorinator

Did you know that salt can also work as a sanitiser along with the same strength as chlorine? Of course, if this weren’t the case then you would never think about swimming in the ocean. If you prefer the idea of switching to a more natural method of sanitizing your pool then this is the choice for you. If you can get a salt chlorinator setup then it will take less effort for uptime and maintenance then going with normal chlorine.

This method can require a bit more effort, and if you don’t mind using chlorine then you might want to skip this suggestion.

A Cover Stops Debris Falling In

This tip isn’t anything fancy but is still very useful as it works as a protector not only for debris but also sun rays. Debris is easy to understand as fewer leaves can fall into the pool meaning less effort for you to clean it up. The sunray situation will be discussed more later on but for now, you should know that a warm pool that is clean and safe from the sun most of the time can all be accomplished with one addition.

Liquid Chemical Feeder

The name gives you an idea of what this suggestion is but to summarise it this addition is capable of distributing the liquid chemicals placed inside its containers. You are currently able to find liquid chlorine feeders as well as other types for the other commonly used acids. The main purpose of these is to distribute a certain amount each day that can keep the pools levels consistent. A really fancy addition for those wanting to go the extra mile.

Remember HACH (pH, Algaecide, Calcium Hardness)

HACH is a great way to remember most of the main priorities when it comes to pool maintenance. The pH is the main focus as this reminds you to keep the pool water well sanitised by making sure the pH level is always at the recommended amount. Algaecide is next and gets you to check for potential algae formation as dealing with them early on is a lot easier. Calcium hardness reminds you to make sure there is enough calcium in the water because if not then the lining of the pool will be broken down.

Harsh Sunny Days Means Decaying Chlorine

On harsh sunny days, those sun rays can really do some damage to your pool. What happens is that a lot of the chlorine will be taken out thanks to reactions such as breaking down and dissipation. To avoid this you are going to want to have the least amount of direct sunlight which can be achieved through pool covers or trees.

Servicing Your Pool Can Be Easy

Imagine if we took all the other topics away and only left this in its place, the end condition of your pool would stay the same. Having your pool serviced means that you don’t have to know the ins and outs of pool maintenance and instead can request someone who knows everything about pools to do it for you. Through this method, you will barely have to lift a hand and still have an incredibly clean and well-maintained pool.

By following these pool maintenance tips, you’ll be well on track to enjoying a pristine and clean pool all throughout the year.

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