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Understanding Fabric Aftercare: Avoid rundown fabrics


Understanding the fabric aftercare is truly necessary because you could maintain the quality of the fabric and with this, your fabric will still be good as new. Most of them have fabric tips and tricks on how to take care of the fabric that you get, most wholesale fabric suppliers give the care label or the care tag that contains that instruction on how you should take care of them in the right way and on how to avoid damages from the fabrics or the clothes that you brought, they give a care label or care tag because that’s where the fabric care usually start because every fabric has their unique way on how to clean them.

Clothes or fabrics should always be kept from getting bodily spoiled or they should keep staying clean to maintain the quality. They need it because we all that when clothes get dirty they need care and maintenance to remain the quality of the fabric, they needed to be taken care of to get rid of the dust and stains that are attached to the fabrics. The label care that is given by the wholesale fabric supplier contains the details on how to wash the fabric, regarding the bleaching and even the dry cleaning and ironing.

Synthetic Fabrics

As mentioned that every fabric has its ways on how to take care of them to keep the quality of the fabric. With this type of fabric, it is easy to maintain with the guide that your wholesale fabric supplier has given, this type of fabric could be taken care of by just turning them inside-out and then popping them in the wash, but while you wash them up you have to use your regular detergent and as you wash them up you may consider using a softener to prevent some static electricity with this fabric. As we wash this kind of fabric we also want to dry them up but, if you consider using a dryer machine you may tumble a dry low to keep the quality and maintain it at the same time. Most synthetic fabrics know are nylon, polyester, and rayon, so if you have this kind of fabric it is easy to maintain and you could use this as a guide when you are washing them up.


Having this kind of fabric may be hard to take care of because it is fragile when you wash them up. When washing a cashmere fabric you have to be gentle and take extra care with it, because of its fragileness and it can be easily damaged. When you have a cashmere fabric protect this item at all costs when washing them up and Prevent the rapid rotation of your washing machine to prevent the agitating fabric. When washing you may use a wool-washing detergent or a gentle diluted soap to maintain the quality and you have to use that kind of detergent because of its fragileness and when drying them up avoid a tumble drying method instead you can air dry them up and this kind of method is much safer for the cashmere fabric to avoid damages and maintain the quality.

Wool Fabric

If Cashmere fabrics are fragile or delicate then the wool fabric is more delicate especially when washing them up. When having a wool fabric avoid washing them up frequently because doing that may shorten the life of your wool item, therefore you may wear your wool item prematurely. When washing them up first soak them with your cold water and soapy water to prior preventing your item to shrink. After soaking them in cold water you can wash them up now in lukewarm water or even with cold water as well, there is a specially made wool detergent that you can use with your wool item to clean it and keep it fresh but when you wash your wool item it is better to hand wash them instead of washing them in your washing machine and just like in washing when you are drying them up it is better to dry them naturally because using tumble dry could ruin your clothes, therefore, having a wool fabric you have to treat them with extra care.


In this article, you have learned the ways on how to wash the fabrics that have been mentioned and most fabrics that have been mentioned are delicate that you have to treat them with extra care to maintain the quality but don’t worry because when your wholesale fabric supplier have given you the fabric they also give the care label that contains the detail on how to take care of them.

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