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Six Commercial Pests That Can Affect Your Business Directly:



Australia has become a breeding ground for pests since time immemorial because of a wide variety of flora and fauna at the display. These critters are quite obnoxious as they create havoc on health and properties. However, people have also started noticing how these pests affect businesses and drive them to complete extinction for the past few years. There are accounts of companies that had their workforce and resources attacked by pests and had to shut down due to massive monetary loss.

We never knew that pests could be categorized into commercial and household pests. But considering their impacts on life and resources, they have been holistically classified into these groups. Commercial pests found in Australia can be quite unnerving because of the following reasons.

● Commercial Pests Affect Businesses Directly by Impacting Their Revenue:

According to exterminators performing commercial termites pest control Brisbane, these pests hurt a business revenue by destroying its resources. Contamination of food, medical and pharmaceutical products by pests in the health and pharma industry has been a major problem. This harms the business and also jeopardizes the health of the end-users. Along with these, the paper and timber industry also suffer due to termites’ activities, which make a meal out of the raw materials of these two industries and literally turn them into a pulp!

●Commercial Pests Harm the Reputation of a Business:

Often, the impact created by commercial pests is not limited to destruction or contamination of resources. The people performing commercial ant control Brisbane testify to the fact that the presence of pests on commercial properties is enough to turn off a prospective lead or a client. These leads will never convert because of a negative impression conveyed due to the presence of pests. It means that the business does not value cleanliness, health, and hygiene. As a result, the potential client will think that the company lacks business values or prioritizes such aspects of business that cement their position in the market and earn them recognition from the clientele.

●  Commercial Pests Negatively Impact a Business by Hurting the Workforce:

Businesses in Australia are gravely impacted because of the shortage of indigenous labor. The labor shortage has been a primary effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, which created ripples around industries and created economic downturns. Add this impact to the perennial one created by pests, and the effects will be far more substantial! From rodents to ants, spiders, wasps, and even bees, pests often pose a massive threat to workers’ lives. A commercial wasps control company reported several workers from a company being hospitalized due to the sudden rampage of wasps that had made a nest in the concerned premises. When this kind of situation occurs, the company has nothing more than to cut down other costs and encounter a downfall in revenue because of the abject reduction of the workforce.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Pests Found in Australia?

As discussed above, pests in Australia have been categorized as commercial pests due to their impact on businesses. Some of the notable commercial pests are-

  • Rodents like rats, mice, possums
  • Ants
  • Wasps, hornets, and bees
  • Flea
  • Ticks
  • Termites
  • Pest birds like pigeon

Impacts Of Pests on Businesses:


While rodents create all types of problems for a business, like contaminating and destroying its resources, destroying properties, affecting reputation, infecting the workforce, etc., there are hardly any other pests that have such a comprehensive impact on businesses.


The presence of ants on commercial properties could be a sorry sight for visitors and potential leads. Although most ant species do not infect or harm humans, they can contaminate resources for businesses linked to the food industry.

In all these cases, the ideal scenario would be to summon an exterminator who has been licensed as a commercial ant control Brisbane. He would offer a thorough analysis of the pain points and the extent of the ant infestation. The next part of the job entails exterminating these pests from the commercial premises, and professional pest control always does a better job than a DIY one.

Wasps, Hornets, And Bees:

In the case of wasps, hornets, or bees, the impact is primarily health-related—all these insects like creating a nest or a hive in a sheltered place. Hence the godowns of companies are an excellent place for them to be. There are times that they make nests outside the company buildings as well. However, according to the people offering commercial wasps control, the main problem occurs when these critters sting humans. Their stings are highly toxic and create allergic reactions and excruciating pain for people. Although most cases are not fatal, people tend to get stationed in hospitals and report unfit for work on several occasions.


Commercial ticks control Brisbane experts say that most of the distress calls they experience are from the hotel, hospitality, and tourism industries. There are almost 70 different types of ticks found in Australia, primarily along the east coast and Tasmania. These ticks are found on animals, and when these unsuspecting pets or domesticated animals move around in the hotel properties, they directly transfer these pests to humans. The people attacked by these insects encounter health hazards and might report against the hotel authorities about unhygienic conditions.


A commercial flea pest control Brisbane also becomes necessary in such scenarios when people staying in hotels, homestays, and properties while traveling in Australia report a flea infestation. These pests also infect humans and pets alike and can cause health hazards. A professional exterminator is the only way people can get rid of these adamant critters. On top of it all, the presence of such pests will create bad reviews for the hotel or homestay, causing a decline in reputation.


Last but not least, termites are some of the most troublesome pests that can negatively affect businesses’ revenues. One out of three Australian properties, be it commercial or residential, report a termite infestation. There is a staggering termite population across the entire country, and these obnoxious pests destroy the structural components of the buildings by eating them up from within. They chomp on wood and make it papery from within. Hence the timber and paper industry also suffers greatly from termite infestation.

Calling in professional pest control will be the best bet as it will exterminate the termite population effortlessly. Reputed professional pest control companies do a comprehensive analysis of the stages of termite infestation and then conduct their extermination procedures. As a business, employing the termite eviction job to professional pest control companies ensures a good ROI.

Final Thoughts:

Several bouts of DIY pest control have had no effect on such pest-induced mishaps on commercial premises. A professional pest control company delivers the best results when it comes to eliminating pests for good. These professional pest control companies use green, eco-friendly products so that there are no environmental impacts. Hence, these are the best bets when the objective is eliminating a pest infestation on a commercial property.

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