Pest Control Service: Things To Expect On The First Visit
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Pest Control Service: Things To Expect On The First Visit


Pest problems can be very annoying. Infestations wrecked many properties and valuables. Bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, termites, fleas, houseflies, moths, and aphids are common pests. Any pest infestation needs immediate attention. There should be a solution right away. The best way to get rid of pests is to look for a pest control service company. Aside from getting rid of them, they will determine the origin of those pests. They will stop them from reproducing and reinfesting your property. Some people hire pest control service even when there are no signs of pest infestations yet. Prevention is usually cheaper. It is best to understand what to expect on the initial visit to make the process a bit less worrisome.

Professional introduction

The pest control service representative should arrive on time. Dressed in a uniform, he or she should then make a proper introduction. The personnel needs to move in and out of your house. It would be best if you feel comfortable around him or her. You should ask questions or voice out any concerns as early as possible. It will let you relax so the exterminator can work well.

Inspection of entry points

The pest control service representative should check all possible entry areas. It includes pipes, doors, windows, crawlspace, attics, and garages. Insects, rodents, and other pests usually use these to enter the property. Inspecting these may take some time. The representative will check for cracks and hidden areas where pests could enter.

Examination of the yard

The exterminator will examine the yard and the rest of the area. Places in the outdoor spaces can be areas of concern for future pest infestations.

Checking moisture

A moist area attracts and harbors pests. Expect the representative to check moisture in and around your property. A flashlight and a moisture meter are items an exterminator usually uses. These are essential in checking areas for possible issues.

Submission of an official report

Most professional exterminators submit an official report after the initial inspection. Give him or her a few minutes to gather and review the findings. The representative usually spends a few moments in the car or someplace to be alone to come up with a final report. He or she goes over the information found to create a plan for future treatments. It is best to leave him or her alone and not cause any distraction. He or she will then provide an easy-to-read report and discuss everything with you.

Pest control service companies have various processes. Some will begin to treat your home on the first visit, even when you and your pets are at home. Others will only provide an initial report. The treatment will be at a scheduled time that is convenient for you and your pets.

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