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Is your lawn ugly, looking yellow, the tall grass? Check out several tips to make you healthy and beautiful


Who has never dreamed of a rug of blue whiting? To lie down and roll, do sports, picnics or just to stare? Well know that this is possible and fits in every pocket, just take special care in planting and the right measure of care in maintenance. After all, everything that is done with love and attention becomes beautiful. This article is not intended to uncover all the secrets to planting perfect lawns, from those of golf, but it will certainly provide the initial help for a beautiful and flawless lawn. Come on?

Nothing better than having a blue-green lawn, trimmed and cared for at home. If you have put grass in your yard or want to put it, be sure to check out the series of tips we have prepared for you. But if you don’t have enough time but want perfect results, a good lawn care is needed.

Planting care

The planting site must be adequately fertilized and leveled, it is also indicated that there are nearby taps for irrigation. It is also necessary to make sure the type of grass and whether it is suitable for the location.

After placing the gravel plaques on the ground, it is best to make a ground cover approximately 0.02 cm thick. During the adaptation period (7 days), irrigate the grass daily at the end of the day, when the sun is very weak, so that the leaves are not burned.


– On weeks that do not rain, water the lawn.

– Fertilize the lawn at least in the early spring and late summer.

– After cutting the grass, sweep the lawn straight as the cut grass may form a layer of dry straw that will hamper the aeration of the soil.

– In very rainy months, the grass may look yellowish and thin, which can reveal the presence of fungi, fight with the proper products.

– This technique of covering the grass with a small layer of soil, indicated in the planting, is also great to enable the leveling of the lawn, so do once a year.

Pruning Tips

– The first cut of the grass should be done as soon as the grass is rooted, to encourage horizontal growth.

– At other times, trim each time it exceeds 5 cm to 7 cm in height.

– In hot months, letting the lawn a little louder may help because it will retain better soil moisture, but do not leave too high, not to lose in beauty and uniformity.

– Very frequent cuts can also harm, tend to deplete the nutrient reserves of the grass, leaving it susceptible to pests and diseases.

– The cutting blades should always be sharp, so that the cutting is more efficient and, instead of cutting, do not leave the sheets looking ugly. Blind blades can also favor the onset of pest and disease.

– Vary the direction of the cuts every time you trim the grass, to prevent compaction of the soil, harmful to the plants.

– In the early hours of the morning, there is still a lot of dew on the lawn, so avoid cutting the grass in that period.

You should give an appearance of grasses of soccer stage; to your lawn

Change the height of the grass cut into certain strips, this will give a more beautiful look to your lawn.

The soil type

Also collect information on the type of soil, the climate and the use to which the new lawn will be subjected, as each species is more adapted to one or another type of situation.

Every attention you give to your lawn will make it better. Just try!

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