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How to choose the right tactile?


Ceramic tiles are one of the most common finishing materials for bathrooms and kitchens. The tac tiles suppliers are practical and durable. Ease of cleaning, hygiene, water resistance makes this material optimal and practically irreplaceable.

However, these factors directly depend on the quality of the tiles and their installation. How do you choose a tile that will look flawless and last long?

Tile surface

When buying, be sure to check the product carefully. Surface unevenness can be easily calculated by placing two tiles facing each other. The edges of the tiles must also be flat (checked in the same way).

If you are going to lay tiles on the floor, you need to check their slipperiness. Drop-in water and taste it. Naturally, if you are looking for floor tac tiles for your living space, then it is better to choose tiles that have that are higher slip resistance.

Colour and texture

The choice of color and texture of tac tiles should be approached with great care. Ill-conceived color schemes will subsequently cause nothing but irritation. If you have a small-sized apartment with small premises, it is better to choose light colors – they will visually increase the space.

At the same time, identical surfaces located at right angles to each other are perceived differently. It is practically impossible to achieve the same color of walls and ceilings, even finishing them with material from the same batch.

Even more significant changes are observed when the decoration is illuminated with different light. For example, a blue glaze will look green when illuminated with yellow light from an incandescent lamp.

Finally, an important factor that creates a visual impression is the reflection coefficient of the glaze. You can find out about it from the tactile suppliers.

Where to buy it?

Experts advise purchasing tiles in large company stores. The advantage is that the company buys large quantities of tiles from the manufacturer, the so-called pallets, which can hold up to 50 packages.

Naturally, transportation of large batches is more gentle, and the risk of getting chipped tiles in the package and selling it to you is practically zero. In small shops, especially those that sell imported tiles, goods are brought to order.

That is, you ordered 50 pieces – they are brought to you. If among them there are, for example, three chipped tiles, the sellers will have nothing to replace them with.

Tile tone and calibre

When buying, you should also pay attention to parameters such as the tone and calibre of the tiles. The fact is that the tone may differ from the declared color, and the calibre – the actual size of the tile – from the nominal size (in cases of single-fired tiles with a very dense base).

In such cases, the tiles are specially sorted, and you only need to carefully check the corresponding notes on the packaging when buying. The tone number must be the same on all packages.

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