4 Steps You Can Take Right now for a Clutter-Free Living Room
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4 Steps You Can Take Right now for a Clutter-Free Living Room


The living room is part of the home that gets the most traffic. Its decor sets the tone for the rest of the house and it’s usually the first thing guests notice when they come visiting.

Because of how important your living room is, you must make it’s maintenance a priority and get elegant furniture and interiors from Fermliving.com.

Of course, as the most lived-in room in the home, it’s bound to get cluttered sooner or later. But with these steps, you can nip the problem in the bud and ensure that your living room stays clutter-free.

1 Take inventory of all items in the living room

Before you begin decluttering, you need to assess the contents of the space to determine what belongs and what needs to be chucked. This process is the perfect opportunity for you to evaluate your possessions and decide whether they serve a purpose or are simply taking up space.

It’s perfectly natural for a home to accumulate a lot of things as the years go by. However, keeping everything can overcrowd your space and make cleaning difficult.

Be honest with yourself. You might find the urge to hold onto some items for the sake of sentimentality, that’s understandable. Remember, everything has its place, and some items taking up space in your living room do belong in storage.

2 Recycle, store or donate

When you’ve identified items that do not belong in the living room, you still have to decide whether you’re going to chuck, keep or donate them. Some seasonal pieces such as heavy drapes and wool coverings may be unnecessary during warmer months.

But these pieces do not necessarily have to be chucked, as they would serve a purpose when the seasons change. This is a good way to identify what should be recycled, donated, or stored.

While the plan remains to declutter your living room, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider the needy and the good of the environment while at it.

3 Do some deep cleaning

The next step is to clean every surface in the room. The shelves, mantelpiece, bookcases, and TV should all be wiped down. You’d be surprised at how much dust and dirt your dustrag will pick up. Go through cupboards and drawers and get rid of odds and ends or other stray items.

After cleaning, return their contents and organize them neatly. Clean the lamps, ornaments, the insides of the bookshelf, and other areas of the living room that are usually neglected during routine cleaning.

If you have rugs and carpeting over the floor, it’s time to give them a thorough vacuuming. Your curtains should also g through the washer and don’t forget to deep clean the sofa – you’d be surprised what you’d find.

4 Make a habit of picking up after yourself

After the first three steps, your living room would look fresh and spotless; a far cry from how it looked before you began the decluttering process. Now, you have to take proper care to ensure that you maintain this new look.

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Ensure that each item is returned to its rightful place after use. Avoid buying decorative pieces that do not fit with the overall design of your living room. Rather, limit your purchases to items that would enhance the look, and feel of the space.

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