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Getting a Water Damage Repair – Leaking Pipes or Appliances Service


When your home or business suffers a water damage incident, it can be a stressful and frustrating experience. Aside from having to deal with the aftermath, you may also have to make many costly repairs. If you are a victim of water damage, whether it is coming from a leaking water pipe or a broken water heater, there are some steps from https://flood24seven.com/ you can take to help minimize the damage. Here are some tips to help you out.

Remove the Water Source

The first thing you have to do when water has damaged your home or business is to eliminate the source of the water. This can mean unplugging appliances that have shorted out, turning off the water supply to the leaking pipe, or simply mopping up the puddles when you are dealing with small water spills. Once the source of water is gone, the damaging effects will stop and it will be much less likely that your home or business will suffer more extensive damage.

Limit Damage with Air Drying

Once you have eliminated excess water in your home or business, it is time to begin drying out the wet areas. The best method for doing this is by using air, which will help minimize damage to assets in your home or business. Air drying works best when you can use fans to pull the air out of your home or business and into the open air, but if not it may be necessary for you to open up some windows and doors to allow the air out. This is an important step and it can mean the difference between minor and major damage.

Repair the Water Damage

The last step in dealing with water damage is to repair the damaged areas. Smaller repairs can be taken care of by you, but for larger problems you may need the help of a professional restoration company to come in and make all the necessary repairs. This may mean removing wet carpeting and replacing it with new, or tearing out drywall that is soaked with water. One thing you should remember is that water damage is an ongoing problem and will require some attention from your restoration company.

Prevent More Damage

While fixing the damage from a water leak or appliance failure will help prevent more water damaged areas, it doesn’t guarantee that your home or business won’t be hit again. It’s important for you to prepare for the next wet problem by using proper prevention techniques. For instance, you can use appliances that are more water efficient, install a back flow prevention device for your home’s plumbing, or even add another sump pump for your basement if it has flooded due to other leaks. By taking preventative measures, you will be able to ensure that your business is prepared for future water damage problems.

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