6 Feng Shui Plants For Home
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6 Feng Shui Plants For Home: Good Vibes, Good Life


We know that plants are good for the environment of the home. They are air-purifying, cleansing the air of harmful chemicals and giving us a fresh atmosphere. Then, these are beautiful and add a touch of tropics to the abode. Can they do much more than this? Well, plants can do a lot. There are Feng Shui plants known as lucky plants for home in the layman language. They positively impact the vibe and flow of energies in the house. read more on groliehome.com.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an age-old Chinese belief. In Feng Shui, it is believed that everything has energy (chi) even the intimate objects. Aligning the home according to its principles, helps balance the flow of energy and ensure it flows freely. According to Feng Shui expert, water, earth, and fire elements are in our homes, which is predominantly filled with a metal element. Plants are linked with a wood element and aids in the balance.

While choosing Feng Shui plants, do not decorate it with too many because the excess wood element will stall the thinking process. We need all the elements of water, fire, earth in the home. Try placing them across your home in the bedroom, living room, and wherever they are suitable.

1. Orchid: Orchids have peaceful, calming, and creative aura. Therefore, they are beneficial to be placed in bedrooms. As a symbol of fertility and creativity, place an orchid plant in the children’s room in creativity gua (area). If the orchid plant has pink flowers and two stems; you can locate it in the love gua. Yellow can be in the area of health and purple in the wealth gua.

2. Lucky Bamboo: A few stalks of Bamboo plant in freshwater. Five stalks for academic and creativity. Seven stalks for health and family, eight for wealth and nine for good luck. You should place the vase in the centre of the spot. Frequently change the water.

3. Money Tree: It is the tree of wealth and fortune. Pachira Aquatica, also known as the Money Tree, is recommended for peace and luck. Bringing it home will open new doors for business opportunities and growth.

4. Ferns: Use ferns in hanging baskets and pots in all the corners of your home. Firstly, they look splendid. Secondly, they are easy to care for. Third and most importantly, corners are thought of as poison arrows; you could feel uneasy from the sharpness. Use them to hide the corners.

5. Orange Tree: Whether you plant an Orange tree in a balcony, garden or indoor patio, it will bring abundance. It should always be placed in the health and wealth area of the home. Citrus trees are very lucky for the home. You can also plant grapefruit trees.

6. Jade Plant: A plant from the succulent family. For Feng Shui wealth and good luck, Jade (Crassula Ovata) in the home. These are believed to attract wealth because the leaves resemble coins. Place as many as you can in the wealth area.

Have these plants not only for beautifying spaces but Feng Shui benefits.

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