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5 Things to Expect From Your Pre-Construction Termite Treatment


Termite treatment involves dealing with such existing pests or even the possibility of hosting termites. The choice of availing pre-construction or post-construction termite treatment depends solely upon oneself. But, from either of them, pre-construction termite treatment is more advantageous. For pre-construction melbourne , you can hire a professional termite control treatment company like 365 Pest Control.

Owing to the advanced technologies, termite treatment can get done during the construction, i.e. pre-construction. When done to remove pests, this treatment is known as pre-construction termite treatment. If you are also availing pre-construction termite control, you can expect the following 5 Things.


Pre-construction termite control must be economical compared to post-construction termite treatment. Pre-constructed sites require the lesser application of various suitable chemicals. Additionally, this technique is less labour-intensive, i.e. fewer labourers are required to implement the process implying lesser costs. If you don’t get this result from your hired company, you must consider another choice.

No Property Damage

No damage should occur, along with no extra trouble with withstanding the chemicals when hiring a pre-construction termite agency. The post-termite treatment includes drilling small holes in all the infected areas or areas prone to attack. Right chemicals get injected through these holes. All the trouble of drilling holes can be eliminated if the treatment is done before construction.

Effective Results

Pre-construction termite control implies the application of a suitable chemical on every inch of the ground, including the soil. Thus, it should provide effective results. After all, every termite control attempt aims to eliminate the possibility of any termite attack or kill the termite if it already exists. It proves to be a better source of protection and safety against such pests’ attacks.

Easy Administration

Pre-construction treatment must be easy to administer as every inch of the place can be inspected easily, and chemicals can be applied efficiently. When the construction is already done, the wall acts as one of the major barriers. This barrier makes the entire process complex and lengthy.


Precaution is always better than cure. Pre-construction termite control  is one preventive measure to save you from any potential termite attack. Once your house or property gets infected by termites, get ready to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. Therefore, pre-construction termite treatment is quite essential.

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