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Essentials to consider when choosing energy-efficient windows


The new and energy-efficient windows help the budget class people lower their heating and cooling expenses and enhance their overall wellbeing, aesthetics and curb appeal of their house. The new replacement windows are available in different shapes, sizes, varieties, technological advancements and materials. They are also priced differently.

So, how do you choose which window is best for your home? Here are five considerations to keep in mind when choosing energy-efficient windows for your house:

The appealing material options available

You cannot have an efficiently performing window without selecting the appropriate frame. While some materials are good insulations others need low maintenance. Check the pros and cons of different materials to know which frame is the best for your needs:

Vinyl:Lowest priced of all frame materials, they are the choice of modern window designs. The frames have a high R-value which saves on your energy bills. They can be bought in varied colors, styles and sizes. They don’t rot, rust or corrode.

Wood: Offering the best insulation value, if maintained well, the wood frames can last for decades. However, they need more upkeep in comparison to the other frames. They are prone to rotting, mold growth with constant adverse weather conditions. They are costlier than vinyl and they add resale value to your house.

Aluminum: The aluminum frames are durable and sturdy. They are light, flexible and need little maintenance. They are usually used in hurricane-prone locations as they meet the local building codes because of their strength.

Efficient design

All windows aren’t made equal. They come in two functional styles which are extremely famous for their look and efficient design –

  • double-hung windows offer conventional styling with innovative advantages. They come with dual operable sashes which can move side by side for ventilation control. The replacement windows designed today are efficient and come with energy-efficient glass coating, gas fillers and more.
  • Casement windows are highly popular in modern architectural designs. They open either left or right and offer amazing ventilation. They are simple to clean and close tightly during severe weather conditions. The hinges and seal need maintenance to function efficiently.

Some alternatives

Single-pane glasses were used in Canada but after the introduction of ENERGY STAR in 2001, customers want products that save energy, and lower their energy bills and are environmentally friendly. Some of the glass that enhance the energy efficacy of your vinyl windows are:

Double and triple-pane windows: The austere winters of Canada make it mandatory for houses to go for at least 2-panes of glass. You can also choose 3panes of glass to fight severe low temperatures. Triple-pane windows are made up of sturdy hardware to make them a better option over double-pane windows.

LoE coatings: as a big part of the window is glass, huge heat loss occurs. Coated glass offers unseen insulation which blocks heat loss during winters. It also blocks the hazardous UV rays of the sun. LoE coating lowers energy bills and makes your house cozy every season.

Window Mart offers the best in class, top-quality, energy-efficient windows for your home. Talk to our technician today to know about it in detail.

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