Restoring Old Commercial Buildings
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Tips For Restoring Old Commercial Buildings


Several cities around the country have taken an effort to improve their infrastructure. Local businesses play a vital role as they are investing in the restoration and rehabilitation of old, dilapidated commercial buildings. There are several benefits of restoring old buildings, starting from energy efficiency, improved workplace, better employee performance, more business traffic, etc., to name a few. But some buildings demand extensive work and Pure One Services St. Louis provider is excellent in the field of building restoration projects.

Carrying out thorough research

When a building is considered for restoration, the architecture, and other experts involved will add several modern changes or remove certain portions. But it is necessary to honor the history of the building as well. It can be done by evaluating the original blueprints of the commercial buildings. When one fails to find the blueprint of an old building, he/she can research similar architectures that were designed in the same period and get an idea of the designs that are possible to preserve. Restoration is all about updating and changing without compromising the old charm of the building.

Repairing, and not replacing

Depending on the extent of damage, and how much can be repaired and restored, decisions are made for replacements. Architects ensure that the old buildings are repaired, and restored with certain modern updates, without completely replacing the building’s looks. The experts are always on the lookout for saving the old commercial building and repairing the problem areas even if there is the slightest chance. Restoring the building instead of replacing and starting over again from scratch can be time-saving, as well as money-saving in the long run.

Starting with the exterior of the building

When the concern lies with old commercial buildings, the exterior is the best place to begin with the repairing, renovation, restoration, and other processes involved in the remodeling project. Old buildings are prone to crumbling infrastructure from the exterior and it requires immediate attention. In such a situation, one needs to assess and work on the solid foundation of the building before starting to work on anything else in the interior. Pure one Services St. Louis restoration experts always recommend starting with the foundation of the building.

Restoring water damages

One of the common problems faced by old commercial buildings getting crumbled exteriors is due to the water damage. When it is left unchecked, and without repairing, it leads to severe structural damage. Thus, it is recommended that the water damage problems must be fixed by checking in areas like floors, ceilings, windows, roofs, and others. It is one of the most concerning issues faced by old commercial buildings. Often the damage is so extensive that replacement is the only solution left.


One of the most important tips followed by restoration engineers is to improve the building infrastructure initially and then improve energy efficiency if possible. Restoration of the commercial building can increase the longevity of the structure and also reduce energy consumption. Pure One Services St. Louis building restoration experts recommend remodeling projects only via professional, and qualified experts.

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