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Must-Have Features of a Laser Tape Measure


Laser tape measures are handy tools. Popularly known as laser tape measure, it is used for accurately measuring long distances. An ideal tool for plumbers and electricians (especially if working alone), the tape measures are also of great use for builders, landscapers, and surveyors. Laser tape measures are simple and available in several working ranges and accuracy levels. Their most significant advantages are speed and accuracy while being small enough to fit into a pocket or a small pouch.

Must-Have Features

While tape measures are available for various applications depending on their accuracy levels, it is essential to ensure they come with the following must-have features.

ISO rating:

Whenever you buy any tool, you should always buy a tool with an ISO rating. It helps you to compare different models of the same accuracy and levels. With the ISO rating, you’ll know what to expect.

Accuracy certificate:

While buying a precision measurement tool, you should always look for a certificate of accuracy to ensure that the manufacturer had ensured the accuracy before it was shipped. The accuracy certificate with actual measurements offers information about the calibration of the laser tape measure. Don’t confuse a certificate of accuracy with a certificate of compliance, which merely states that the tool meets a particular standard.

Ensure there are no moving parts

if you hear any sounds when you hit the button on your tape measure, it is likely an older model. A tape measure that clicks is akin to a smartphone with a rotary dial. Any moving parts are likely to break if dropped and might not be as reliable as a solid tool.

Go for an automatic or intelligent end-piece

if you are measuring a door, a window opening, or across foundation forms to check square, you need diagonal measurements by placing your tape measure in a corner. Sometimes, the thickness of the base of a tape measure will prevent you from getting into the corner. In such a scenario, your measurement will not be accurate – instead, it will be off. In fact, the distance between the back of the tape measure and the farthest reach of the corner will be the difference. You can overcome this problem by using a flip-out extension that can fit nicely into the corner.

Backlit display

it might sound silly, but a backlit display will be a lifesaver if you use the tape measure indoors or in poor lighting conditions. The latest models of tape measures come with a tiny photo sensor that automatically turns the backlight on and off.

Look for IP54 rating:

 IP is for Ingress Protection, a set of standards to indicate dust and moisture resistance. The first number stands for dust, and the second one for water.

Some other useful features you can look for in your laser tape measures are configurable sound (beep), the ability to perform under various temperature ranges, including cold winters and hot summers, a warranty, and a metal thread tripod socket. All these features will help you get the best results out of your tape measure quickly and easily.

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