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COVID-19: Green Buildings Making Their Way


The year 2020 marked the dawn of a new decade. Opposed to our expectations, an unprecedented wave of uncertainty hit us- ‘the coronavirus pandemic’ that gravely affected our lifestyles. Today, we are faced with the herculean task of protecting our lives, which turned everything upside down overnight. As we continue our attempts on winning the war against the deadly virus, we must seize the opportunity to create a new- more resilient, and healthy society that’s in equilibrium with nature.

Control and prevention are key elements when facing major public health emergencies. In order to contain the pandemic, activities have been restricted. Considered to be the only safe haven, buildings now play a bigger role in controlling and preventing the spread of COVID-19. The outbreak has insightfully raised questions about the way our homes and office buildings have been designed and if the same can aid in containing the spread of the menace further. While hygiene and super clean indoors are non-negotiable and important prerequisites under the current circumstances, the virus has also fuelled conversations on the need for designing spaces that allow conditions for healthy living to contain the problem.

In the urgency of the moment, reputed companies such as the DynamixGroup,have shifted their attention to luxurious homes in Mumbai’s western suburbs and other areas with a focus on green design, where architecture and ergonomics are carefully implemented to promote good health and well-being. Such organizations are aware of the fact that green building practices which include good ventilation, energy conservation, and water recycling and nontoxic materials create conditions for better resilience in the face of a sudden global threats such as COVID-19.

Below-mentioned are a few reasons why green buildings are making their way:

Increased Ventilation:

Green buildings offer defense against respiratory illnesses and airborne vectors. The stringent fresh-air and ventilation requirements of green building standards help reduce exposure to viruses and decreases disease transmission rates.

Assist in Better Stress Management:

Green buildings focus on reducing utility costs. Sudden pay cuts have pushed people to a financial crisis. Green buildings pave way for lower costs for bills than conventional housing. This along with other measures such as adequate waste management, the spread of awareness, water quality monitoring, etc. reduces the stress on residents.

Effective Disaster Response:

Green building societies place great emphasis on resident engagement and community building. Developers of green buildings keep community spaces and resident services in focus. Together, they create an infrastructure and generate social cohesion required to support residents in crisis. These buildings are designed in a way that facilitates effective disaster response.

Boost the Health and Immunity of its Inhabitants:

Prohibition of smoking, low-off-gassing paints and other finish materials- typical in green buildings eliminate triggers for underlying respiratory illnesses such as asthma. The usage of environment-friendly materials in green buildings assist in reducing the concentration of indoor air pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia etc.

The benefits of plants are never undermined in green buildings. All this, combined with fresh air circulation boosts the health, mood, and immunity of inhabitants.

With so many benefits at hand, there’s no denying that green buildings are the future. Retrofitting the existing buildings to green standards makes more sense than ever. Whether you are planning to buy flats in Mumbai or elsewhere, remember that opting for green will help build resilience against health and climate threats in the face of an uncertain future.

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