Best Dryer Repair Tips To Follow Before Making A Service Call
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Best Dryer Repair Tips To Follow Before Making A Service Call


Some of the times, you may find that your dryer fails to heat up. So, in this situation, there is a specific need to opt for dryer repair services. In the below section, you will get to know some of the important things when you find out that your dryer fails to heat up. 

Proper Voltage

In case you observe, that your dryer fails to heat up, then there may be a possibility that it does not receive an adequate amount of voltage. So, in this section, you will find some of the best ways which help to ensure that your dryer is receiving adequate power supply. 

First of all, you should essentially make sure that your dryer is plugged in. Another integral thing, that you should check is the circuit breaker panel. This helps to ensure that the circuit breakers are present in proper places. 

Ultimately, you need to check that the fuses present in the fuse panel are not gusted or blown. So, these could elucidate, that why your dryer fails to receive an adequate supply of power.

Heating Element

There may be a possibility that your dryer is not heating properly because of the presence of a defective heating element. In most of the cases, you will observe that the heating elements are not repaired. 

In the case, the heating element of your dryer fails to function properly, you should replace this. You should first open the cabinet of your dryer to locate the heating elements. As a result, you can consider properly testing it. 

Thermal Fuse

Some other causes for which the dryer does not heat up could be specifically because of the defective thermal fuse. If you see, that the thermal fuse of the dryer has blown, then, it is of no longer use. 

In this regard, you should first focus on opening up the cabinet of your dryer as well as locate the specific thermal fuse. As a result, you would be able to test this. 


In case, you observe that the thermostats of your dryer fail to work properly i.e. it became defective, then, you should opt for the dryer repair services. In most cases, this sort of problem may be due to the thermostat. 

In this regard, you need to effectively test each of the thermostats of your dryer which is possible only when you open up the cabinet of the dryer. So, when, you experience such problems, you should consider replacing this. 

Timer Motor

Sometimes, the faulty timer motor can cause a heating problem in your specific dryer. In this regard, you should consider replacing the timer motor of your dryer. In case, it does not function properly, you should focus on replacing this without delay. This could be done either for its motor or else the overall motor assembly. 

Some Other Problems Experienced In The Dryer

  • Dryer Runs But Fails To Heat

If you see that the dryer turns on but it quickly shuts off, the problem may be either in the thermal resistor or thermostat. The thermal fuse blows as well as it turns off the dryer. This will eventually prevent overheating. To determine whether it is properly working or not, you should effectively check the temperature sensor with the help of a voltage meter. 

You should ensure that these specific elements are receiving adequate power which could be done by checking the timer as well as the heating element. Also, you should ultimately focus on the replacement of the thermal fuse as the problem may arise when it is blown. 

  • Dryer Makes A Clanking Noise

You should check inside after stopping the dryer cycle in case, you come across, this sort of problem. In this regard, you need to ensure whether the zippers are zippers or not, whether all the buckles are fastened or not, and whether the cell phones, coins, or keys are taking a spin or not. 

So, in this aspect, you should consider removing the offenders that will eventually help to stop the noise. 


You should call for the dryer repair services without delay, whenever you experience such problems. They will make sure that your outlet functions properly and the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. 

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